Jan6 62-tweet salute


    EXCLUSIVE: While Trump was in office, staff in the White House residence periodically discovered wads of printed paper clogging a toilet — and believed the president had flushed pieces of paper, @maggieNYT scoops in her forthcoming book, "Confidence Man." https://t.co/SMXWUuc1i1

    — Axios (@axios) February 10, 2022

    Note: will be published Oct. 4 by Penguin Press, so this is awful early to leak parts to try to sell it. Maybe originally timed to coincide with the midterm elections? But let out now to coincide with news of the National Archives complaining to the DOJ about Trump? To let the DOJ know there is someone out there who confirmed the same thing to her confidentially?

    I see there is a lot of bitching on Twitter about Haberman "withholding" the info. from the NYTimes and the public to sell a book. But it's not really time to sell the book yet with an Oct. release date, I just wanted to point that out. She may still be writing, still be getting info. from ex-White House sources. Whether or not such things should go to the NYTimes rather than to Axios to help sell her book down the line is another question. And then there's also the question of who told Axios this...

    The other related leak added for enticing detail:

    Haberman reports Trump has told people that since leaving office, he has remained in contact with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — whose "love letters," as Trump once called them, were among documents the National Archives retrieved from Mar-a-Lago.

    To me that is a suggestion of what activities he might be delusionally pondering to do if the U.S. presidential thing doesn't work out. He's keeping in mind that Kim loves him, and therefore here is someone he could do something with! In the grand tradition of a confidence man his whole life. Trump Amusement Park or Trump Wrestling Federation in Pyongyang, etc., that type of thing, with resulting crowing about how he opened North Korea to the world...would not be surprised if there is no confrontation with the reality that he could end up in prison....

    p.s.  staff in the White House residence could really be White House maintenance/cleaning staff person who told no one else? cause nobody asked them?

    p.p.s. The National Archives news came only 24 hours ago, I checked:

    ""to probe Trump's handling of White House records" - tattered torn up papers clogging the toilet bowl...

    I'm not sure where an anal probe fits in with the Inspector General's duties, but i can see why the janitor kept it on the QT. Did someone get a swirly out if this?

    smart attorney, hoping to drag his client's case out forever (and gain other right-wing defendants to boot?)

    also flushed down the toilet in the Oval Office? current NYTimes headline story, 4 reporters on it -

    Trump’s Missing Call Logs Present a Challenge for Jan. 6 Investigators

    Sparse call records are the latest obstacle facing the House panel, which is trying to document what President Trump was doing during the attack on Congress.

    By Luke BroadwaterJonathan MartinMaggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt @ NYTimes.com, Feb. 10, 2022, Updated 7:13 p.m. ET

    WASHINGTON — The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has discovered gaps in official White House telephone logs from the day of the riot, finding few records of calls by President Donald J. Trump from critical hours when investigators know that he was making them.

    Investigators have not uncovered evidence that any official records were tampered with or deleted, and it is well known that Mr. Trump routinely used his personal cellphone, and those of his aides, to talk with other aides, congressional allies and outside confidants, bypassing the normal channels of presidential communication.

    But the sparse call records present a major obstacle to a central element of the panel’s work: recreating what Mr. Trump was doing behind closed doors during the assault on Congress by a mob of his supporters.

    The gaps in the call logs were the latest in a string of revelations this week about the extent of Mr. Trump’s flouting of the rules and norms of presidential conduct, and how his penchant for doing so has left an incomplete record of how he operated while in office [....]

    Judge rebukes RNC's 'legitimate political discourse' language at Jan. 6 sentencing

    She called the Capitol assault an effort to cancel out votes by a show of force.

    By Gabe Stern @ ABC News, February 10, 2022, 6:45 PM

    good statute of limitations chart:

    Elsewhere Marcy notes how Barr damaged these other Mueller referrals, so basically there are a lot better/more serious recent offenses to go after than trying to desperately revive these expiring events - the crimers did keep criming, after all. Jan 5 and Dec 18 won't expire for years, and you can't send Trump to jail twice.

    Weisselberg & Letitia James might bring that to a close


    Fiona Hill:

    Desperately seeking Antifa-infiltrated FBI from a secluded location (with the lights dimmed) and wearing his NYPD sweatshirt (with "America's mayor" chyron a nice extra touch) :

    In a new interview, Rudy says he was walking to his hotel the night of J6 with two “Antifa experts,” claims that one person they saw that was arrested is Antifa and was working for the FBI, and “most of the damage looks like it was done by people that were working for the govt.” pic.twitter.com/UfxDVUvjl3

    — Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) February 20, 2022

    This guy Lawyer, founder http://MainStreet.law repping small/mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, creators. Prosecuted Trump University @ NY AG. Commentator @CNN @MSNBC says this:


    Flynn sure sounds like a Russian agent, doesn't he? https://t.co/Zk9aACtx0P

    — Heather Cox Richardson (TDPR) (@HC_Richardson) February 24, 2022

    Asset, dammit.

    History Break. Note the subheadline "Unparalleled Obstinancy of the Obstructors."

    Jan. 6 committee concludes Trump violated multiple laws in effort to overturn election; The findings were filed in federal court.

    Laurence Tribe to Merrick Garland: it's time now to get your ass in gear -

    Trump response (found retweeted by Haberman):

    Roger Stone trending on Twitter because:

    George Papadapoulos still with the big lying mouth - spreading Zelensky disinfo with ANSA news forgery, back to Hillary conspiracy theory, and fluffing up Durham's creaky "investigation" without end.

    This is what's left with Trump gone - more detritus and one scum.

    George Will: Donald Trump looks increasingly like a stray orange hair to be flicked off the nation’s sleeve

    @ WashingtonPost.com, March 4

    Floundering in his attempts to wield political power while lacking a political office, Donald Trump looks increasingly like a stray orange hair to be flicked off the nation’s sleeve. His residual power, which he must use or lose, is to influence his party’s selection of candidates for state and federal offices. This is, however, perilous because he has the power of influence only if he is perceived to have it. That perception will dissipate if his interventions in Republican primaries continue to be unimpressive [....]

    he goes on to elaborate, with examples. Was actually pretty interesting to me. He sums up a lot of Dem failings that GOP could attack more easily without Trump's meddling. And this point that war in Europe may change the trajectory away from Trump for this reason:

    A European war is unhelpful for Trump because it reminds voters that Longfellow was right: Life is real, life is earnest. Trump’s strut through presidential politics was made possible by an American reverie; war in Europe has reminded people that politics is serious.

    Just for the record:

    Game show question of the future: what star of The Apprentice hired lots of staff that was weak and ineffective?

    How the Manhattan D.A.’s Investigation Into Donald Trump Unraveled

    just a useful reminder:

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