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    A Little Experiment

    As the political discussions heat up with the approaching 2012 elections, I think it is of value to ponder this little experiment.

    We create through the wonders of cloning two candidates to run for the US Representative seat in every district in the country.  The one running on the Democratic ticket would be a shoe in for membership in the Progressive Caucus, whereas the other would sit up shop in the Tea Party Caucus.  Neither of them would be wackos or nutjubs.  Both would be skilled in the game of politics.  A Bernie Sanders vs. Mike Pence sort of battle. 

    What would the US House of Representatives look like?  What would it say about the state of progressive politics in this country?  What obligation does each of the politicians have to their district when their wishes are contrary to the majority in the country?


    I'm kind of lost here but I have nothing else to do whilst I listen to Colin Quinn with the promise that Oswalt shows up.

    I bring this up because Colin is a goddamn repub.

    But be that as it may.

    I know already what a repub drone is.

    The Gov of Wisconsin is a drone. He has no personality, his eyes are askew, his speeches are merelycompilations of  TPM's sent to him by repub/corporate/CPAC/AEI organizations.

    He gets into office and he urges the end of voting for poor folks; he urges the end for public unions; he urges the end of civil actions by individuals against corporations; he urges the end of taxes for corporations; he urges the end of 'hand outs' to the poor and the dispossessed; he urges the end of tax breaks for the middle class; he urges more sales taxes and license fees and add-on taxes that affect only the middle class or the poor folk; he urges the end to minimum wages; he urges the end of medical care for the poor and middle class; he urges the end to any credits for the wind and solar experiments; he urges the end to....



    the end


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