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    Smart tactic? Or opening a can of worms? Honestly don't know:

    He's an elitist - he wants respect from the big boys, the greats, not the Loser Sucker Avg Americans.

    thanks, you got it, that's the message, I couldn't think for some reason

    Friday, sliding into the weekend, Happy Hours, glitzy night out at openings... I'm sure it's all distracting 

    Nice slice-of-life wakeup tweet about world economy, this is just northeast of London:

    the author is the one who strikes me as an elite projecting and even slightly sadomasochistic. It's probably because he lives in Brooklyn right over the river and only mainly has to go on short relatively quick trips to/from and within Manhattan. I have never met a working person who does not look absolutely miserable on the crowded NY subways and would prefer to use a van service if they can. They are painstakingly slow and miserable from the outer boroughs and require lots of miserable walking of great lengths through filthy dark tunnels and up and down flights of creaky stairs to rickety platforms. It is illogical and "jerry-rigged" system.Built without any sense over many decades to get everyone to and from a tiny island for some reason no one understands why it happened.

    The working class are people who cannot afford  the rent to live in Manhattan or in the closeby areas of Brooklyn.

     They would not be against taking a clean spacious above ground commuter train per se, like folks from Westchester and NJ can. One which does not stop every few blocks and creaks along just like a bus like the subway does.

    There is definitely a human misery problem with extreme density anywhere (often called a "slum") anyone who can't see that is an elite in denial who is lucky enough to have a large apartment they can escape to. Living in density happily requires a lot of money for a large luxurious apartment and money to take cabs from certain select subway stations to one's destination.

    A reminder--is it not more than somewhat related that the "pack those humans in, sardine style" theory of saving the planet breeds disease?

    As the CDC made clear in its original order, evictions pose a direct threat to individual & public health. As low-income people face evictions & lose their homes, they have few options left: double/triple up with other families or seek congregate shelter.

    — Diane Yentel (@dianeyentel) October 10, 2020

    a hah, whaddya know, speaking of sardines in a can:

    More seriously it's very hard not to make fun about it and not just be totally disgusted by how his staff has to make these little entertainments for him just like a enabling a spoiled toddler. All national politicians do do the fake setup thing, it's famous in movies, etc., but they just have to do it to the max for him and all the time. I can't imagine how awful it must be just being a White House beat reporter seeing all this shit go on.

    The blue T-Shirted people Trump spoke to are a group rally that is apparently a Candace Owens project: "Police Lives Matter/Back the Blue", pro-Trump pro-police anti-BLM blacks

    Ford Fischer is filming it and the aftermath March. He usually puts up a complete video after live snippets on Twitter. Here's three of the tweets

    Candace Owens Leads “Police Lives Matter” Rally In DC

    — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) October 10, 2020

    LIVE: Trump Supporters In DC Following White House Speech

    — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) October 10, 2020

    From my livestream a bit ago: watch as hundreds enter White House ahead of the president’s 2pm speech.

    I won’t personally be attending the speech, but I do plan to stay out here near WH to film as people exit as well.

    — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) October 10, 2020

    Edit to add: so that could be used to argue against "Hatch Act" violation?


    after a couple minutes to think on it, the author is basically arguing: being in prison can teach tolerance, improve human relationships and even be fun and exciting!

    DEATH R US: New York Housing Authority's wonderfully dense apartment buildings for low income people:

    lol, tweeting at its best:

    [amazing-sad how many commenters took this tweet at face value] - maybe should teach humor in jr/high school instead of alternative appropriation pizza and inventing new pronouns (btw, there's a new Periodic Table that lists them all - not sure if up to 108, but definitely some natural occuring and some man/womyn-made] 

    "Mexico asks Aztecs to apologize for ripping people's hearts out and tossing virgins into volcanos"

    What is it with "apology porn"? I mean,bi get it with fairly recent Russian or Japanese atrocities towards neighbors that affect current relations, but medieval Spain? Hey, Mecca/Medina - when do we get that apology for 700 years of occupying the Iberian peninsula? I mean, can't we just acknowledge people did really shitty things to each other all the time, including us? FFS, "Mexicans" includes the Cauderos and other cherry elites who abused their own people over hundreds of years - half are descended from rape gangs of the Conquista. "Half of me hereby apologizes to the other half of me..."

    Woe be unto us if they ever discover there were girls under the age of consent in that episode. 

    I mean, don't we read about all this stuff in history books and say "whoa, that was fucked up"? Does Pope Francis really have much to do with an invasion from 500 years ago, vs the more pressing ongoing priest pedophilia problem? When do Mongolians apologize rather than building offensive statues to Genghis? Spain, busy with football matches, Covid outbreaks, fishing treaties, African (and British) immigrants, and the Catalonia question now turns its gaze back to the Inquisition and plunder of the New World?

    You forgot about the Jews killing Jesus cheeky

    Jews *AND* Italians. The EU should fess up, put out an encyclical, a structured plan for how this will *never happen again".

    Speakng of Jesus--am I imagining it--it seems like it was only a couple years ago that the in thing was to be a martyr for a cause? Now everyone wants apologia and payola instead.

    Hits a bit close to home - used to be adulting was "fuck you I'm leaving". Now it's "you need to apologize for everything that's ever happened, everything I didn't get.". The idea of an indifferent uncaring universe is no longer en vogue.

    Now this sounds like it might be fun to watch- mapcap Boris antics trying to woo Joe:

    Boris seems like he'd know how to suck cock when he needs. Right now I think he needs.

    a reminder about the multi-talents of Mayor Pete:

    Pete Buttigieg really went on Fox News and asked "why an evangelical Christian like Mike Pence wants to be on a ticket with a president caught with a porn star."

    — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 8, 2020

    He's like a geek that's not afraid of appearing as a geek, where it doesn't present as elitist and not only that, there's more- he can amazingly do the "flyover common sense" thing anytime it's called for. Reminds me in a way of Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Who may never be president but still presents extremely useful information!

    Noticing doctors' lobbies screaming about not liking proposed Medicare payment cuts, just pointing it out with this most recent paid example on my Twitter feed:

    Dr. Nancy Lobby, 1 of 2 female urologists in the Palm Beach area, is one of many surgeons who will face tough financial decisions and may need to shut down their practice due to proposed Medicare payment cuts, reducing access to quality care for patients. #SurgeonsVoices

    — Surgical Care Coalition (@SurgeonsCare) October 8, 2020

    Anderson Cooper is trying very hard to keep a straight face while “Macho Man” is blasting in the background - almost drowning out Gary Tuchman. #TrumpIsALaughingStock #TrumpRally #TrumpRallySanford #COVID19 #COVIDIOT #machoman #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #andersoncooper #ac360

    — AC Junior (@CamJunior1972) October 13, 2020


    wow I've been trying to avoid looking at his rally, but this one is really is above and beyond the regular, making up superman shirt stuff, sounds exactly like a little boy:


    Once libraries were easy

    (even for 7-year-olds)

    Or maybe just too much time on our hands

    All the responses Chloe is getting so far seem very genuine and also of particular note, not angry. VERY interesting in that does not  seem that hard to find intelligent sounding, calm Trump voters if you ask right.

    Apparently reading reporting on war is not popular with the woke generation?



    So is the place they both worked at still even operating? Strikes me that kind of competitive ambition is from another world that doesn't exist anymore (2017, eons ago.)

    After Jan/Feb in Italy and singing off balconies perhaps that world's changed a bit... US side of the pond, not so much.

    oh in the art world at least, I have seen much evidence of change-it used to be ruthless competiion now there's a lot of "all together now or we're so fucked", i.e., the big powerful galleries offering free access to their clientle by letting them use website...big galleries worrying about big auctions doing well rather than panning them...everybody ganging up to help museums, etc.

    WTF?! Attacking the most loyal lackies now? Victimhood to the max, everyone is his enemy.

    Trump is now threatening to fire the Governor of Florida, which he can’t do. So that’s how Trump’s day is going.

    — Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) October 16, 2020

    Edit to add:


    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat a worm:

    — Blake News (@blakehounshell) October 17, 2020

    Impeachment pays off

    Why are indicted criminals on TV?


    The threats about Hunter Biden from someone like Bannon just strike me as so delusional. Even if true, no matter how terrible, how can it even come near to matching all the things Trump and family can be accused of doing as far as affecting voters? All it will be is red meat for the base and Qanon types, it's not going to change a single vote. Maybe I just answered my own question--it's not about the election, it's about people like Bannon keeping an audience for conspiracies, it's tough work but it's a living feeding Qanon?

    John Schindler's got something to say:

    Did you understand his point? 

    Russian trained spies have a habit of taking some facts and spinning them into false narratives using stupid classic smears like pedophilia?

    Hunter's no saint but he's not what they make of this.

    Like here

    The Treasury says that Derkach's campaign centered on promoting "false and unsubstantiated narratives concerning U.S. officials in the upcoming 2020 presidential election" and that he pushed these claims into the Western media through press conferences, interviews and statements.

    from Giuliani Distances Himself From Ukrainian Sanctioned By U.S. As Russian Agent  @ NPR, Sept. 11

    P.S. Wesley gives a good example:

    Much of the Steele Dossier was kinda true but misleading, letting folks focus on Carter Page & George Papadopoulos, and less Roger Stone & Paul Manafort & Erik Prince & Cambridge Analytica.


    Here's the rest of John's gang saying the same thing:

    News: More than 50 former senior intelligence officials, including ex-Trump admin officials like Russ Travers, have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the Biden emails saga “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation”

    — Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) October 20, 2020

    Doth protest too much

    Despite Schadenfreude, the enemy of my enemy is not alys my friend. Sometimes there are 2 fuckups.

    they got related as the current headline story @ Judge Rules Trump-Appointed Agency Head Acted Illegally by Attempting Mass Firings at Internet Freedom Organization

    By Jerry Lambe, Oct 17th, 2020, 5:34 pm

    A Trump-appointed Superior Court judge in Washington, D.C. sided with the city’s attorney general in a lawsuit alleging that the CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM)–himself a Trump appointee—acted illegally when he attempted to terminate all of the officers and the entire board of directors at a government-funded internet freedom non-profit organization that combats censorship and counters disinformation in authoritarian countries.

    USAGM is an independent agency that oversees five international media outlets whose collective mission is to promote the free flow of news, combat censorship, and counter disinformation, particularly in authoritarian countries by providing objective factual reporting. A “firewall” embodied in statutes, regulations, and contract provisions, serves to prevent the organizations from devolving into promoting a partisan agenda. Under Pack’s leadership, however, a multitude of lawsuits have accused the agency of breaching that firewall to facilitate pro-Trump propaganda.

    Pack, who was confirmed by Senate Republicans in June despite being under an active criminal investigation by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, is a conservative filmmaker and close ally of recently indicted former presidential advisor Steve Bannon. [....]

    OTF is a $20m skunk works project in a $1billion global gov broadcast budget spread across 5 *real* organizations.

    Think of these street protesters playing around with the trendy tech topic of the day, mostly doing jerkoff conferences & happenings rather than fielded solutions, for that $20m and you probably have an accurate impression. If I'm correct, it's actually difficult for any OTF solutions to even filter back into the standard huge USG broadcasters - the concept is largely undetected solutions like Tor distribution with no accountability (which might make sense if you had a leader with a track record in practical solutions to put faith in. Sadly I don't think so.)

    Biotech - the early years

    (incl patenting bacteria - see comments)

    Here I thought of oceankat warning that protesters might not like what they get when the governor calls out the national guard:

    "You go girl" journalism?

    Not sure what all her praise is about - maybe I just don't know the history of the NZ candidate and his party, but she comes across as bitchy and demeaning, too sure of her own opinion/facts, and less trying to elicit some truths than perform a cutting political burial.

    #YouToobin' appears to be trending.
    That's all I want to say.
    And if you notice anything rustling in the Creative Corner,
    please avert your eyes.

    More Russian μwave attacks?

    the olde stack o'paper trick:

    At least he's recycling?

    Wonder if Drumpf was betting that 60 Minutes wouldn't exact revenge after his interview shenanigans. Paper trick indeed. They have much more skill and experience at what works as regards manipulating an audience than Drumpf does with his:

    Important Facebook fuckery thread

    (i.e. click for the rest)

    or their parents just have them work if they aren't going to school:

    Also I posted Gettleman's NYTimes initial article on it here back at the end of Sept. As Covid-19 Closes Schools, the World’s Children Go to Work

    hey you kids!  yards are not the same as online!

    This has been a problem for decades for all candidates in every party. It's not a new thing kids are coming up with. I've seen some reports that it's getting worse but it's not at all new.

    what a mess!

    the best GOP campaign operatives that can be had for free in a state that's been blue for decades:

    I believe the NFL has always been haunted by evil spirits:

    I don't care what the message is and who did it, THIS SUCKS. If I was a candidate's little kid, it would really scare the shit out of me that someone would target my parent this way:

    17th district in pa at the candidate's family home. With kids inside. Last night.

    CRT has been around upenn, penn state and pitt for years.

    Professors, dem politicians running for higher office. Complicit or incompetent media.

    It is no longer "on campus" civil discourse.

    — Dorian Gray (@DorianGray_OW) November 2, 2020

    And protesters who try to protest at night in front of a local politician's private home should be arrested.

    If politicians aren't allowed a private life, all we'll end up with is attention hogs of which Trump is the greatest example to date.

    It's bullying behavior.

    Defund the police! Look for him yourself!

    and go for that self protection thing--board up windows and buy guns (then invest in plywood and ammunition cos.)

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