New Project for Lincoln Project! (It just fell in their lap)


    The Lincoln Project’s legal response to the false and defamatory statements made by Rudy Giuliani. @ProjectLincoln

    — Dr. Joseph Frusci (@JFrusci) January 31, 2021


    .@TheRickWilson @stuartpstevens @reedgalen @ProjectLincoln . We are going to get to sue the shit out of Rudy Guiliani. I’m so happy that I’m literally choked up.

    — Steve Schmidt (@SteveSchmidtSES) January 29, 2021



    Can't read, but assume it's good.

    (Every bit of revenge Dan Rather can muster for Bush's National Guard AWOL+-gate...)

    they have a  very straightforward statement pinned to the top of their twitter account about the news about associate John Weaver:

    The Lincoln Project today released the following statement.

    — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) January 31, 2021

    Give us your children til they're 5... (Huckabee edition)

    Expected intrigue @ Lincoln Project

    (I'm sure Republican operatives will do anything to stir the shit. A shame AMI/National Enquirer has been sidelined post-Trump dalliances)

    Maybe Rudy can find a hard drive?

    and they were once top Republican operatives themselves so it will be interesting how they handle all this and who "wins" if there is such a thing as winning

    deep thoughts by Wesley Yang:

    culture wars be back big time, sigh...

    just saw some wag tweet that he wanted to cancel cancel culture, and there it is in a nutshell


    The party has run out of booze. Taxis are becoming scarcer by the minute. Time to get back to the hotel.

    Ambulance sirens in the distance...

    lol you guys, it's like: you are there!

    scuttlebutt on Schmidt found retweeted by Haberman, most notably by Meghan McCain:

    more detail on the McCain thing:

    Screw that. Beating Trump was worth it. There are no boy scouts - including St. McCain.

    Now it's "LP grift". We saw the ads, we liked the ads, they cheered us up when no one else seemed to be doing fuckall. But while Trump family seemed to be skimming nearly $1 billion off undisclosed unethical conflicts, it's now somehow a horrible that a *marketing* group of all things makes a profit on ads that people enjoyed immensely and at least seemed to be effective (living in the president's brain if nothing else). Compare this with Bannon telling donors their donation would be matched, which turned out to be an absolute lie, so much so that he was indicted but Trump pardoned him. (BTW, what's Bannon's involvement in Jan 6?)

    how much is it worth to make Nicole Wallace laugh about Trump?

    I enjoyed the snark and even moreso the reveals of how the pros from Dover do their work. I can't speak for the donors and how they feel about it, since I was not one of them; I thank them for free access they provided. I suspect that many of them are of the variety that think you get what you pay for.

    Steve Schmidt & unexpected

    Voter suppression's back!

    Yeah I've been seeing lots of interesting sfuff on that by lots of smart people, on how the Trump branch of the GOP will use it now, including discouraging swingy districts now from voting at all. New and different suppression.

    BUT it behooves to remind there's no money for this project, much of the big business in this country have turned off the spigot, they want stability, they don't want populism and they certainly don't want insurgency. That bent may even begin to show in their own advertising. And you can only bleed the kookoo contingent so long, especially working class who will be paying back rent for like forever

    edit to add: of course there's a few businesses that benefit from Trump/Cruz/Hawley chaos method of governing, like guns and ammo manufacturers.

    I should aspire to being above schadenfreude I guess, but I have despised this organization since I found out who its founding members, the ones I knew anything about, are. 






    Did you like Trump's presidency? Do you think conservative voters paid more attention to disaffected conservative voters/ad-men or liberals? What was the last good/memorable liberal-funded ad (online or TV) you remember?

    I don't feel like following you down a twisty rabbit hole on this one. So, I expect this to be the last I say on the subject for now. I did not say they were ineffective, though I believe they were. What I said, without giving the following reasons, is that I despise the crooked, unprincipled, grifting, cynical, money grubbing prick scumbags and I am glad for whatever extent they are being seen for what they are. You can like them and defend their work and their padding of their pockets as much as you wish to. I will hope for better political situations in which we don't feel any necessity of, and wouldn't have the stomach for, adopting them as allies. 

    What was their "grift"? What didn't they announce from the start? The people who have to them seemed satisfied with their services. What was your encounter with them *before* Lincoln Project? Some think them a useful tool specifically because right-winger a won't believe the hippy anarchists.

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