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    ‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading



    "Barstool Sports" aka David Portnoy,  is one of the main leaders of these people you're trying to make a thread on.

    FWIW He just tweeted this, about Dave Chapelle & the Foo Fighters and he has 2.9 million followers. And anti-woke sympathizer Gen x-er Yglesias just retweeted it.

    Yeah, Radiohead covers will cure us. Just as long as they spare us Oasis - worse than the plague (or just as bad, to be fair)

    #cryptocrash trending; apparently is a bloodbath

    Bloomberg pushing this video:

    Thought he was holding a condom - what gets up will go down

    the cryptocrash continues:


    just in case you haven't noticed these folks exist:

    At a catholic gathering? He was probably there looking for criminal pedophiles.

    Idunno - I'm rethinking Jimmy Olsen and all these other young hangers-on. I suspect superheroes weren't doing this for adultation so much as childulation. Marvel, DC - we have a problem...

    a considerable number of young people are enamored of  extreme capitalistic endeavors perhaps because they think this (thought-provoker just retweeted by Matthew Yglesias):

    Encouraging innovation and risk is fundamental to this cohort? Not like their "cancel Antonio at Apple" and "force Yglesias at Vox to be more politically correct" robotic identitarian hordes of their generation?

    Also just a reminder to check out Shit Nonprofits Say from time to time.

    I would, but it would violate my professional non-bias, plus they might poach me.

    noting another libertarian trend among the crypto friendly:

    I was immediately reminded of this tweet regarding recent Minneapolis protests and someone running them down with a car:

    Yeah, i read about Chinese doing it and I'm like "ugh", and then i see it in the US and it's like "that's cool..."

    Carribean-heritage blacks cancel evil appropriation attempt by capitalist colonizing Afro-American overlord:

    Enquiring minds want to know: Why not just cancel rum all together? It was part of the colonialist slave trade, after all.


    and this is definitely appropriation of northeastern white Ivy League ruling class cultural traditions:

    Not just greedy capitalists but private do gooders! (Thousand points of light! Who needs gummint? So someone got a little freewheeling with the building codes, so we'll make up for it!)

    and if they would just get rid of these authoritarian pigs and let people go dig through the wreckage for their own families with their own choice of volunteers?



    much increasing desire for assets:

    related to the above - chart showing denial of reality acoming in the Pacific NW:

    Note who thinks they're saving the environment while the rest of the city dwellers jack up a/c use. Zero sum game?

    It's the "it's only money and you can always make more and I just did by going viral" meme:

    P.S. and it has gone viral

    This Gen's Rev Ike

    The wretched, venal life of Rev. Ike

    Photo of Tony Norman


    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Columnist

    [email protected]

    AUG 4, 2009  10:00 AM

    Even in death, Rev. Ike tried to keep the hustle going that made him a millionaire many times over. "In lieu of flowers," Ike Ministries announced before its scheming patriarch was cold to the touch, "Rev. Ike would ask that tributes and/or Offerings be sent to: Rev. Ike Ministries ..."

    The Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II -- that's "Rev. Ike" to us rubes -- died last week in Los Angeles from complications of a stroke he suffered two years ago. He was 74. We were so consumed with the White House beer summit, the health care debate and the president's slipping poll numbers that the passing of one of the nation's most remarkable scoundrels almost slipped by without notice.

    Rev. Ike was a staple of AM radio when I was teenager in the 1970s. His sermons from the pulpit of the United Church Science of Living Institute in New York could be heard on 1,770 radio and television stations across the country. An estimated 2.5 million people tuned in every week to hear why enlightened greed and self-interest was closer to godliness than what our parents and Sunday school teachers taught us. He was our generation's Father Divine -- a media-savvy African-American huckster who made up the rules of the prosperity gospel as he went along....

    here's another one:

    Kabuki culture war protesting at Wi Spa in L.A. for social media "where's the outrage?" attention:

    I see both the Proud Boys and Antifa are planning on turning up to the Wi Spa protest. So a stand on women's rights will yet again be hijacked by violent men who want to punch each other. Ffs.

    — Alice-Jael Harper @AliceHarperGC) July 3, 2021

    Wait, so ANTIFA is in Los Angeles starting fights with Wi Spa protesters in defense of a pedophile who flashed his junk at kids and pretended to be a woman? Do I have this right?

    — Suburban Black Man (@goodblackdude) July 3, 2021

    couple examples of some of the  (probably staged) festivities:

    Some people fight back against the antifa at the riot in Los Angeles. Antifa had assaulted and mobbed others, accusing them of transphobia for protesting the Wi Spa where a person allegedly exposed their genitals to girls. Video by @realJamesKlug: pic.twitter.com/kN4gvilWR3

    — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 3, 2021

    Antifa beat a street preacher to the ground at the Wi Spa protest in Los Angeles. pic.twitter.com/6zj19562BO

    — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 3, 2021

    BREAKING: Just had a gun pulled on us by transphobes at Wi Spa. He reached into a backpack and grabbed it. When I asked him what he grabbed, he said “something to shoot you with” to me. pic.twitter.com/hCcTXtPN7V

    — Vishal P. Singh (@VPS_Reports) July 3, 2021

    And a  couple a BTW's

    At Wi Spa in K Town, where a counter protesters have gathered in support of trans access to the spa’s facilities. A protest is scheduled for 11 after a video went viral of a woman complaining of a trans woman in the spa. The story was featured on Tucker Carlson. pic.twitter.com/z3nlgXi9Qd

    — Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) July 3, 2021

    The Wi Spa story is bullshit, prove me wrong. https://t.co/cVEtOCyqKI

    — Mallory Moore - #LetKidsBeCamp (@Chican3ry) June 30, 2021

    Tucker's Folly. (he learned from Trump how to troll better?)

    Two grown black men clearly disgusted and embarrassed that "Democrats" stereotype them as belonging to what they think of as idiotic lowbrow hiphop culture:

    Because “the culture” decided long ago to encourage self-destruction and degeneracy but punish certain political opinions. That’s why a black man w/an originalist judicial philosophy is a sellout but one who slides a credit card down a woman’s backside in a music video is star. https://t.co/oufHGK7dp5

    — Delano Squires (@DelanoSquires) July 8, 2021

    this is the video they are talking about


    Juvenile turning “Back That Azz Up” into a pro vax anthem is….I truly don’t even know I’m speechless pic.twitter.com/uQQLvpRsIk

    — Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) July 7, 2021

    On another note, I must admit as a first wave feminist I find most twerking pretty offensive. It's not really sexy, it's more like saying: fuck you, we're low,.base, stupid pieces of meat, and we like it that way, deal with it.

    Well I'm sure you enjoyed the "twerking on the Emergency Vehicle sent to clean up the mass shooting" video I sent you. Great when memes converge, ain't it?

    there's still one born every minute:

    two competing sub-cultures:

    one found retweeted by Gen. Russel Honore:

    (hope they are not the only one offering her a scholarship!)

    and the other:

    Now that the greatly increased percentage of children who identify as transgender can dream of becoming a respected lead actress in "Hollywood":

    Category is: making history. Mj Rodriguez has become the first transgender performer to pick up an Emmy nomination in a major acting category.https://t.co/TDbEa5vtrX pic.twitter.com/s1bDWmtzse

    — Variety (@Variety) July 13, 2021

    The #Emmy nominees for Lead Actress in a Drama Series are:
    @UzoAduba (#InTreatment)
    Olivia Colman (@TheCrownNetflix)
    Emma Corrin (@TheCrownNetflix)
    Elisabeth Moss (@HandmaidsOnHulu)@MjRodriguez7 (@PoseOnFX)@JurneeSmollett (@LovecraftHBO)
    #EmmyNoms #Emmys #Emmys2021 pic.twitter.com/6e6HYCpC2x

    — Television Academy (@TelevisionAcad) July 13, 2021

    I wonder what happens to the psyches of children that identify as nongendered, as they still have to pick between being an "actor" or "actress."

    And apology in advance for any age-related offense as I haven't kept up on whether it's still kosher to identify people as "children".

    Less sure if kosher to refer to people by Jewish deli meat categories.

    there's still no such thing as bad publicity

    a message from the Great Spaghetti Monster for those who believe vandalizing statues accomplishes something?

    Psst: He's not a hero. He actually was: a victim! Famous because of victimhood.  And furthermore, he was a victim who may have victimized others in his own life.

    I note all the big right wing online voices seem to be on board with promoting this Bitcoin guy's new phone and helping the promotion go viral, starting today, with shipping starting in August

    Today I'm announcing the Freedom Phone.

    This is the first major pushback on the Big Tech companies that attacked us - for just thinking different.

    Complete with it's own Uncensorable App Store & Privacy Features.

    We're finally taking back control. https://t.co/tOSnuxncfd pic.twitter.com/Hykp08ITCQ

    — ERIK FINMAN (@erikfinman) July 14, 2021

    Keep in mind, though, that the concept he's selling is not necessarily "right wing", what it more accurately is is libertarian. And the latter is the political sympathy of most bitcoin maniacs (as well as quite a few geek iconoclasts.)

    I have no idea of the practicality or whether it's bullshit or real, just pointing out the meme

    Take it to The Man, man.

    interesting thread of bunch of lefties arguing about whether the DSA (Democratic Socialist party of America--a reminder that they basically took over the Dem party in Neveda earlier this year) is mostly a bunch of tankies or not. Starts here (I don't know who the Lina is that he is referring to):


    hmmm, a relatively new twitter user, @krypto_kingpin wonders about something on Chicago police radio

    Passenger traveling through Atlanta on flight from Nigeria contracts monkeypox https://t.co/vnfiRh9qBL

    — WSB-TV (@wsbtv) July 16, 2021

    no I didn't put this on the wrong thread, as it's already gone "viral" on twitter (no pun intended) I suspect stock in makers of RNA vaccines is going to go fucking crazee

    and once again the Thos. Frank "what's the matter with Kansas" people, now Trump fans, anti-vaxxers, believers in Christian Science rather than Science, the Qanon, etc., are going to be "left behind"

    gotta say that personally I don't like this as an omen about the culture, it really creeps me out:

    Give me like K-Pop kids instead, any day, that's normal stuff

    For us uninitiated the skinny


    Yeah, he can go away any time now.

    Trump just wasn't dark, depressing violent and sexist enough for the current reigning rap meisters?

    Parapsychology quantified?

    I doubt this news is about generational desires, I'd be very surprised if all generations aren't included in these numbers. What it does though, is to CLARIFY ANARCHIST LEFTIES' campaign using Starbucks as one their favorites to attack as a multinational corporation is a total failure. Probably going into the range of "turn off people who might otherwise be friendlies", i.e. "I'm going to support the local Starbucks more precisely because you broke their window"

    This is what a successful millennial war on baby boomers looks like. https://t.co/c7orfAX6y3

    — Ryan Campbell (@RyanForSmyrna) July 28, 2021

    It's the greatest generation that notoriously didn't like the idea spending a lot on little luxuries, if they could find similar enough way cheaper they would think: crazy. My father was a true coffee addict all his life, would always have a togo cup from like Dunkin Donuts or a gas station with 7-11 type setup the moment he started a drive somewhere. And that was way before there were cup holders in cars. I think he would shrug at Starbucks, not knowing nor understanding much about it's reputation in pop culture and react that he can pay a lot less for coffee at McDonald's and hang around drinking it all day. At the same time, not being judgement either, he didn't pay attention to any pop culture about food, once notoriously saying about 20 years ago about a joke on TV what's wrong with fruitcake?! He truly wanted an explanation, had no idea. Grew up with people gifting it on the holidays and appreciating it.

    Also about GenX I have two Gen X sister-in-laws and one Gen X bro, another Gen X bro-in-law, all very worldly, who became addicted to one or another version of Starbucks brand. Like on arrival to stay in a new nabe, the first thing they ask is "is there a Starbucks around here?" Almost ashamedly they have to admit to people they are staying with that have become addicted to that Starbucks to-go cuppa. Surely that became a thing when they were in college!

    Hmm, maybe I'm not GenX - give me that bottomless diner coffee - I've got shit to write. Not sure how people focus in coffee shops anymore.

    Nature or nurture? Bronx Jewish experiment
    (Are politics & diners hereditary?)


    BARBIE CONTINUES HER GREATNESS (yes as she/her). As a  first wave Boomer feminist, who owned an original model as a child, I was always a supporter; she was be all you can be or imagine (if you could afford enough outfits to role play) and it wasn't her fault she had a deformed unrealistic body missing several joints and details like nipples and pubes, all the better for her physical handicaps:

    Prof. Sarah Gilbert co-created the COVID-19 vaccine — and Mattel is honoring her global impact by creating a Barbie that looks just like her pic.twitter.com/8hogABij5c

    — NowThis (@nowthisnews) August 5, 2021

    (p.s. any girl who envied the original Barbie's body had a screw loose somewhere and perhaps needed a Dr. Barbie psychotherapist, maybe with a pink Corvette as a bonus?)

    Pretty sure Klaus Barbie ruined the Barbie brand in the psychotherapy sphere. A shame, really - the dolls would have certainly fit the Nazi aesthetic of the perfect woman.

    Health success, American style

    OIC here's what the wild kids these days are thinkin'?

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