Preferred vices and politics

    This is the best one of these I have ever seen. For the record, I reside at the intersection of Sloth and Lust.

    — Konstantin Kisin (@KonstantinKisin) August 31, 2020


    I am the "o" in Sloth. :D


    I've got the 3D one where Envy, Greed, Wrath & Gluttony wrap around and meet each other in a dead end corner - the point of no returns.

    there's always those *special* people to which it is hard to apply a label

    Slackers. Taint that tough.

    They don't call the majority silent for nothing, they're couch potatoes, snoozing through all the drama. What the bible called sloth is just really low blood pressure? All in the eye of the beholder whatcha call it, Matisse called it calm, luxe, volupte.

    Where do you fit if you're only into lust and wrath?

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