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    The Raging Rockefellers Do A Flea Flicker

    Team Romney, faced with 9 point deficit with 10 minutes left to go, and staring at that first debate moment in the game, changed their teams name to the Raging Rockefellers, referring to moderate Republican Nelson Rockefeller.  They figured this was better for the general election than their their previous name of the Frothing Buchanans.   The mascot wasn't going over well in internal polling, nor was it playing well in the swing states.

    So as I said during a previous blog they threw a Hail Mary pass - lie through your teeth and hope no one notices.  And it was successful.  But I also said the only wide receiver that put fear into the hearts of the defense's backfield was injured in the process. The point I was making was that Romney main attack on Obama was that he was different from Obama. By becoming a Rockefeller Republican, Romney was basically saying that in spite of every thing he said to win the primary and then afterwards up to the debate, he agreed for the most part with Obama.

    The far left is basically correct when they call Obama a moderate Republican from the 1970s.  He is in many ways a Rockefeller Republican.  For many on the far left, this is a crime for which Obama cannot be excused.  But as Warren's struggle in Massachusetts shows, it is not surprising that the Democrats have such a politician in place to run for the highest office in the land.

    Now the aggressive move to suddenly appear moderate was successful.  In fact, it was more successful than first appeared.  As I wrote before, Romney was now after the pass on Obama's 14 yard line with 9:41 left to go in the game.  The reaction of the Democratic fans in the crowd (booing the coach, tweeting the entire secondary of Team Obama be cut immediately, callers into sports talk radio shows saying it all over and the Raging Rockefellers had won the game) helped ensure the following play:

    The Raging Rockefellers on the next play went with what looked like a running play to the strong side.  Given their go to wide receiver being out, everyone assumed they would do a run on the first play.  Team Obama went all out to stop the run to the right side.  But then the running back flicked it back to the quarterback.  The flea flicker was on.  The tight end was wide open in the end zone.  The QB threw a perfect pass....touchdown for the Raging Rockefellers!

    So now with 9:12 on the clock, the Raging Rockefellers are just down by two after the extra point.  Momentum is on the Raging Rockefellers side.  A simple field goal will win it! In the world of football, however, 9:12 is a lifetime.

    And then the ensuing kick off. 

    Team Obama has the ball on the 20, 1st and 10, 9:03 left. 

    And the abortion issue suddenly rises.  Where does Romney really stand on this issue?  Is he in agreement with Ryan?  Coach Etch-a- Sketch seems a little shaky along the sidelines.

    Suddenly it is Team Obama 2nd and 3 on the 27 on a quick slant pass.  Team Obama rushes back to line.  Fullback Joe Biden, the kid from Scranton, runs onto the field....there is a stir among the fans in the Democrat section...


    I liked this a lot, which is sayin' somethin' since I don't like or understand football!

    Hope that Obama has his game plan, 'cuz this is the Super, Super Bowl.

    For most of the game, the coaching staff of Team Obama had an effective plan. Given the economy, that they were ahead at the beginning of the last and fourth quarter of the game was pretty amazing.  The hail mary pass in the debate took Team Obama by surprise.  But while in the short run it was successful, it was only good enough to get things even.  The plan that got Team Obama ahead going into that fourth quarter is the same plan that will win it. They just need to, as they say in football, execute the plan: Romney is a rich guy who will not only export your jobs but take away your rights to decide your health care.

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