Remembering 9/11/01: e pluribus unum, so don't tread on us


    Thank you... Excellent message...




    We may have to let them tread on us. Fighting them turned out to be worse than not fighting them.

    well sometimes it's one step forward, two or more steps back on the whole unum thing. Good to keep shooting for it, though, mho. We did back then for a few shining moments.

    The first part of not agreeing to be walked upon is arranging matters so one can understand for oneself what that means on any given day. Did the enemy choose me? Did I make the enemy?
    This here continent has been and is a place of terrible struggle. To highlight one of them puts another in partial shadow. We are drawn together in an absurd singularity. We may not survive.

    But I do know there is not another many or another one. Strap in, there are hard times coming.

    Tolerance is golden, except to theocrats:


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