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    The Right Is Full of Creeps

    Dagblog appears to run a little bit to the right of Antifa on a few issues, and so one is left thinking why we don't just "jump the ship," as people like Dave Rubin ask so often.

    I think that this story says why: 

    Already serving life in prison for raping two preteen girls in East Baton Rouge Parish, former "Sons of Guns" reality TV personality Will Hayden pleaded no contest Wednesday to additional sex crimes charges in Livingston Parish and received another life sentence.

    Hayden, 51, of Greenwell Springs, was convicted in April on two counts of aggravated rape of a young girl in 2013 and 2014, and one count of forcible rape of another preteen in the early 1990s. Those victims are now 15 and 37.

    The right is full of people like this, and it's the reason why so many people avoid right wing politics.


    Not sure I follow. Trump got 75 million votes. # of these sex crime stories is a tiny tiny %. But there's certainly a long way from any Dagblog centrist sympathies to an anti-abortion, pro-gun beyond reason, government hating, anti-vaxx/anti-mask, tax cuts-uber alles, stack the judiciary, promote christian religion within gov functions and support the troops (i.e. weapons, budgets, unquestioning support of any military adventurism beyond security and alliance issues, and a beatification of the soldier as a higher plane American Patriot - unless they need healthcare or social services of course) caricature of conservatism.

    Part of the pushback against Dems is a) when they run cities badly and tolerate inefficiency and corruption, b) when they support and browbeat on unworkable counterproductive ideas or slogans like "defund them police") rather than sensible reforms, c) get into identity politics deadends rather than a more economically and opportunity based equality, and d) do stupid stuff that keeps Democrats from showing a somewhat united front of sensible policies, giving Fox soundbites and turning progressive politics into amateur hour.

    Talk about running a bit right. Remember her 2105 fan club?

    What Walter Shaub sees:

    We’ve got Putin defenders on the right salivating for authoritarianism, Putin defenders on the left who always see America as the bad guy, and defense contractor tools in the center who see war as profit. And Russia capitalizes on the nonsense of these folks across the spectrum. https://t.co/r7hhJyvgML

    — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) February 21, 2022

    What I see: the two parties do not represent our society anymore if they ever did. Lots more people have gone to college since they were formed, back when one was a loyal Democrat or Republican because one's father was (Whether or not one thinks they turned out educated is another thing). It's like trying to fit all kinds of ideologies and preferences into two giant groups where they feel they don't belong. A more parliamentary system where small groups bind together to agree to back individual policies as they are raised as bills in Congress would work better.

    Edit to add: While most of us here don't like Tulsi and are suspicious of her motives, I do think that CPAC being open to having her speak is a good thing.

    Progressives don't have anything like CPAC. Socialist anarchist groups do conventions but it doesn't seem like progressives like that kind of thing.

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