Rmoney: Love in Bain

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    9 out of 12 people haven't heard of Bain.

    And you can be sure that of the remaining, a lot just think it was about downsizing companies in trouble, not gutting stealing the pensions & dumping the carcasses on the taxpayer (who didn't cover all the shortfall)

    What a wasted opportunity.

    Instead, of thieving varmints, everyone knows about a dog and a car and a vacation. Is that enough to vote against a candidate? When the other guy is "a Marxist Kenyan destroying the American Way (tm)"?

    Our messaging sucks. 

    And by the way, Obama's done such a crappy job of filling judicial nominees, and now the Republicans have decided to stop all judicial approvals until after the election. They feel empowered by Democrats doing so little. But all we had to do was just reach across the aisle...

    But we told 'em, that dog story is a perfect allegory for Rmoney, or that he owns too much stuff. Wonder what metaphor or allegory applies best to us?


    Well, there was this undermining the Obama campaign's latest ads:


    In case you miss this graph:

    The Obama ads painted Mitt Romney, in the words once used by also-ran GOP candidate Rick Perry, as a pure “vulture capitalist.”  One spot prominently featured a laid-off factory worker who said that Bain was “like a vampire."

    In this instance it really does seem the Obamans are with you and the Bill Clinton is not

    Oddly enough, Clinton's comment may have helped Obama in ways not thought of - he gave it publicity it wouldn't have had, and his framing didn't really help Romney much - "yes, our system allows building companies or raping them, and Mr. Romney just chose the latter - an allowed choice, though I think building them up to be better".

    But I don't think "vampire" helps - it just sounds like another anti-capitalism rant - it doesn't point to the details that pro-capitalists will find objectionable.

    Not to worry. An inside source tells me that a new commercial is coming where James Gandolfini returns for an emergency session with Lorraine Bracco occasioned by the onset of total erectile collapse (there he goes again, it's all dick all the time with the pirate ...mod! can we get. a mod over..never mind) because Romney taunted him vis-a-vis his inferior gangster cred ...

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