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    So...how are you feeling right now?

    Talking with the folks around me, there is weird energy.  On the eve of the debate, liberals are "in general" feeling good, but also know "anything can happen" during debate. At the same time there is a sense Obama, Warren et al will pull it out in the end.

    For a moment so happy together.



    And for a brief moment, however tentative, there is the feeling that maybe the sun will come out


    Yet, this is politics in America...anything can happen.

    So how are you feeling?



    Hopeful.  wink  

    Cautiously optimistic.  Not sure about Warren, but it looks like Obama, Debbie Stabenow and Sherrod Brown may sweep it.  Wish I could be so sure about the house and the senate.  I'm nervous there.  I don't think the Dems will take the house, and I doubt they'll get a true majority in the senate.  The money and power behind the Republicans is formidable.

    But I'm feeling better all the time.  Everybody says Obama isn't a good debater, but they forget that he's had four years to perfect his skills.  I think he'll do much better than expected.  (I also think Romney will do much better than expected if he can just keep from swinging away from his talking points.  It'll be interesting.)

    I'm not counting chickens on the presidential--I'm not disposed to ever do that, as so many strange things can happen and have happened--but am feeling as though there is a real opportunity R/R have opened up to take back the House that needs to be seized, right now.  This is a necessary condition for there to be any chance whatever of urgently needed legislation--on jobs, on too big to fail, on climate change, on campaign financing (constitutional amendment, probably)--getting done the next 2 years.  Even if Obama wins, the House flips, and the Senate stays Democratic, there will need to be much greater focused public pressure than we have seen so far in order to for these things to have a chance of getting done.  If the House stays GOP all of these are nonstarters, dead on arrival in that chamber.

    Perhaps the single best thing that can happen to increase the chances of the House flipping and the Senate races going well are for Obama to go on the offensive and clean Romney's clock tonight, helping further educate the viewing public about just how repugnant the Governor's ideas and commitments are to what the vast majority of Americans believe and want for our country.  I am hoping Mitt will continue to help with that task.  The more the public comes to understand about the Republican party that we have right now, the more it will be repelled. 

    Well my knees have been giving me problems, especially the left knee; you know I was diagnosed with 'water on the kneecap' when I was twelve which was the first time I ever saw a doctor and yet I ended up at age 30 jogging for fifteen years but I think it all has to do with the change of seasons because today the knees were doing 'okay, sort of'.

    Other than that I get this pain on the right side of my chest except it is more of an ache really and then I decided months ago to take an aspirin everyday--not one of those baby Bayers but one adult aspirin and....

    Besides that I am not doing that bad!

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