Stuffing Out! (on the town)


    Nate Silver just warnin' about Black and Hispanic voters:


    heh I am glad I am not watching tonite:

    p.s. it was bad, he says he could use more time than CNN gave him:


    Say their names?

    Heckuva job Trumpie?

    It's madness. Why haven't people from Florida removed their governor? Remember when Schwarzenegger became governor by recall vote?

    Say their names indeed, I'm sure many of them were Afro-American. Remember when we were supposed to care about that? Instead everyone, including wealthy basketball players, Obama and Biden and numerous anarchists who would like to see the federal government fall, are encouraging staying on meme with solidarity with anti-police protests as a top priority right now to offer a lifeline to the Trump campaign. Start to wonder whether somehow the cop in Kenosha was a Putin agent. The lack of perspective, geez. It's just as irrational as white evangelical republicans caring a great deal about fetuses and very little about suffering live children. I'm getting sick of hearing how dumb Fox news viewers are, there's plenty of dumb people on the left who imagine police abuse has continuously going up (rather than slowly going down)  instead of realizing that what really happened, what they are seeing, is the results of everyone having a video camera. Maybe we need to video cam every single Covid death and disability

    globalist Christian conspiracy to quit hating the other for what "they" did

    (Is anniversary of Christchurch massacre in NZ)

    The more Jared on teevee, the better chance Biden has?

    "Jared Kushner, the son of a billionaire whose only professional achievements have been handed to him by members of his family, has taken a bold swipe at NBA players for their wealth and privilege."

    Per @JamieRoss7:

    — Vicky Ward (@VickyPJWard) August 27, 2020

    “You have, like, the dopest job in the world, the secretary of everything,”

    --Van Jones to Jared Kushner, on air, unedited.

    — Don Winslow (@donwinslow) August 27, 2020

    Now Kushner says he wants to " reach out to" @KingJames , for what, so he can make Jared cry.

    — Slygrammy5 (@SharonCoryell3) August 27, 2020


    I am coming to the conclusion that most Dem mayors overall seem to think looting as well as vandalism of community property is both wrong and illegal:

    Let's be clear: it is wrong and illegal to use federal property and taxpayer resources for partisan campaigning.

    — Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) August 28, 2020

    And then there's them who think Trump rules rule and what good for the goose is good for the gander and those who feel like their tribe has been victimized and are willing to grab deserve what they can get away with.

    It's socialism for anyone smart enough to steal from big international banks or Magnificent Mile luxury boutiques and the rest of you schlumpfs are screwed?

    This whole meme gvies me a deja vus allover again from NYC back in the Reagan era, there were corporate raiders and following in their example, there were also dudes if they needed a car they just pulled out a gun and hijacked one, and if the needed those sneakers or a Walkman, they just used a knife to get one. Cause after all, Carl Icahn and Ronnie said it was okay, better than being a welfare queen, showing some gumption hustle and work ethic, not just sitting on the sofa collecting gummint checks...

    Every one except the looters and some of the activists think the looting and violence is wrong. But the only way to stop violence is with violence. That's the problem but eventually they're going to have to face it. It's not going to burn itself out. The looters and the violent aren't going to just get tired of it and stop.

    Melania & the Heathers

    The Onion just dug up and tweeted this March, 2018 piece. I'd love to have listened in on the discussion about doing that:


    since I see a lot of sturm and drang after the GOP convention small "bounce" in Trump numbers, I thought this was a nice contarian tweet to that zeitgeist:

    Melania and Jared Kushner and Ivanka are big fans of the Kennedys and their Camelot myth. “It’s no coincidence that all three of their children—Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore—share names with Kennedy family members. Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy and Joseph Kennedy you know; Arabella Kennedy was JFK and Jackie’s stillborn daughter,” Winston Wolkoff writes.


    about new astroturf hashtag on Twitter:

    Black Chicagoan M.D. (a pediatric cardiovascular specialist) and Cubs fan angrily tweets that Jason Heyward should go fuck himself:

    On 7/31 #JanariRicks 9 y/o was shot in the chest on his porch, his mother held him while he died. Heyward went 2-4. The next day #JasonHeyward went 1-4. 38 children have died from gun violence in Chicago and you commend him for sitting out NOW. You and he can fuck yourselves.

    — Montrose Halsted M.D. (@MontroseYou) August 28, 2020

    (I googled-he's for real.)


    Where's the outrage? Ducks should be able to walk wherever they want to!

    Japanese police guiding a family of ducks while talking to them.

    — Akki (@akkitwts) September 1, 2020

    It's like a forced march for chrissake. Japanese still up to their same old fascist tricks.


    They understand arrows?

    I noticed that too. surprise

    Obviously, but again we see cops who don't understand the community they're policing. I'm sure the ducks saw the red background and thought it meant stop. Next thing you see is the cops misunderstanding the confusion for resistance and they shoot some poor little duckling.

    Is clear that demanding order necessitates fascism! Chaos is freedom. Ducks should be able to chose where they want to walk, whether they want to wear a face mask or carry a gun. And cars should be able to drive over them if they can't learn to walk fast enough.

    To keep 'em in line, have to break a few eggs. Birds of a feather, y'know. 

    Bataan Rouge?

    what a country! surprise


    apparently rules of what White House press conferences are for have descended to the absolute depths of petty political hell:

    .@PressSec Kayleigh McEnany: "We found Nancy Pelosi going into her hair salon. We will be playing the video on loop for all of you to see during the duration of this introduction...Apparently the rules do not apply to Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

    Full video:

    — CSPAN (@cspan) September 3, 2020

    Easy to play if that's your game: I wonder how Kayleigh gets her fancy blond highlighting, blowouts with curling iron work, eyebrow and eyelash extensions, television makeup jobs and fancy manicures


    I admit I am a teeny bit envious > if we only had this charge on the internet:

    WATCH: NY officer tells protester they're being arrested for "being an idiot"

    — The Hill (@thehill) September 4, 2020

    The whole video is interesting beyond the quip in the headline. It's Rochester, not NYC.

    oy, that story is gonna rile them, it's gonna be all over talk radio. Affirmative action & cheatin' college elites all in one story, both some of the least favorite things in Wisconsin, .my great grandpa came from (pick a European country) to Ellis Island with two cents in his pocket and nobody ever gave him great grandma scrubbed floors on her hands and knees..worked the farm for food with a full time job in a factory...even the inner city version, it's get off your ass kid, nobody's gonna give you nothing..

    For those of you not keeping up with pop culture manifestations of politics: Cardi B vs. Candace O.

    Neil Kinnock on Biden’s plagiarism 'scandal' and why he deserves to win: ‘Joe’s an honest guy'

    In a 1987 Democratic primary debate, Biden sprinkled Kinnock’s phrases into his own speech and forgot to credit him – a blunder many believe cost him the presidency

    @, Sept. 7

    hoist on his own petard at only 19 (hey kid, imagine you lived several more decades, all the identity groups you might have to apologize to according to your standards):

    He seems ok, but why not vote in the girlfriend - esp. if she's bi- and of color. We shouldn't let regressive values drag us back to the past.

    Bony shark screws genetic line -

    start over, more cohesion this time

    Again: what a country!

    $2,225 raised of $200,000 goal (I checked)


    Here's apparently an easy peasy way to git over $300K through 15 min. of fame:

    Don't underestimate the hatred of Pelosi and overall hatred of what many people think is the "phoniness" of politicians

    They also claim she has to move. Anyway, 9000 donors in a nation of 330 million is still tiny, and who knows how much of this is sock puppet from some GOP big pockets donor using different names.

    Studying the invisible

    (you think you got problems now - you don't know 85% if your probs)

    Have no desire right now to do any news thread on the Woodward book cause too much shit flying all at once in different topic directions. But this is intriguing enough to share:

    This is why all the "let's have more urban density!" fans like Yglesias are big losers for the foreseeable future. Stacking us up in cubicles on small pieces of land as yummy food for viruses = ain't gonna happen now, people who have the money or ability to do so are going to spread out as much as they can. It's the poor who are gonna be stuck in dense environments. Many of which will turn to hellholes even without superbugs feeding on them, as there won't be enough taxes coming in to pay for decent services.

    Now that I am done predicting the foreseeable future laugh, whadabout those 5G towers?

    Turn 5G on viruses.

    And people like Starbucksing together - urban deserts ain't gonna happen as a long-term thing.

    I didn't mean 1950's suburban developments.

    People can have hipster starbucksing together without bustling metropolises of cranky people all crowded together in 10 and 20 story elevator buildings that require being crowded like sardines into mass transit, they already do on the Main Streets of many cool artsy walkable towns allover the east coast. Hudson, NY for example is way cooler than Manhattan. It started before covid.  Even within NYC, the most hip neighborhoods like Bushwick in Brooklyn have a horizon with no tall buildings, 3 floors at most. Having a horizon is the key, so you don't feel cooped up in a vertical prison. Yeah to duplex kind of density, but no thanks to metropolises where loneliness has actually more often plagued people and then there's the logistics of getting all the stuff those people need to them has always been fraught with "traffic jams". It's actually absurd how getting to and from something like a doctor's visit takes a whole day. Speaking of doctors, the comparison is apt between how a patient is treated in a huge urban hospital and in a nice clinic that they drive up to.

    Yeah sucks to be a place like Japan, as they aren't making any more land on this planet. They've had a super depression problem over it for decades.

    Yglesias is a hypocrite on this. He grew up on the Upper East Side, which except for some high rises along its border, is exactly like a walkable small town. And then he moved to D.C. which in the good areas is a leisurely laid back city and without any tall buildings.

    Bachmann Truther Overdrive

    And what a dummy she is. Not far away on this very thread ( scroll up to tweet at my comment at Tue, 09/08/2020 - 12:44am) proof that they are just seeking $200K, give em $200K and they'll be no overthrow!

    Give Garnet an inch, she'll take a Telathon.

    Rusky Spook Screwup

    George Wallace would love it

    This news threatens to suck every bit of hope out of many a soul.

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