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    There isn't Much Time Left to STOP THIS THING!

    I have it on good authority that the brave men leading the battle to defund the government and stop Obamacare (Senators Cruz, Rubio, and Representative Tim Huelsump...or Fuelskamp...or Hulaskimp, or something) have been placed AT THE TOP of Obama's Death Panel List! Time is running out!


    This is a shocking allegation. Obama actually do something to fight back against the republicans. Nonsense. I just can't believe it.

    Don't worry.   Rubio is already on a death watch here in Florida.  His poll numbers are in a free fall.  I think the last poll had him down 16 points.  He should of stayed friends with your brother.   LOL

    P. S.  Nice to hear from  you.  Don't stay away so long the next time.

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