Timeline: 87,000 in Afghanistan


    The President's going to end the war.

    End of 2014, 2014.

    13 years fixing stucco to a wall.

    Still it all falls down, all falls down.

    I remember when it was a little war,

    Just 4 years ago

    30,000 foolish souls

    There to make a difference.

    The only difference is 50,000 more souls

    And a few who art in heaven.

    But soon we'll have an end to this,

    A newfound peace, newfound peace

    Only drones remote controlled

    And military police.

    As they stand up, we can stand down,

    We all fall down, all fall down.

    'Til next engagement draws us in

    The sheriff's back in town.

    In 2 1/2 years a baby's born

    Learns to crawl, toddles drooling

    2 1/2 years more he goes from bawling

    Babbling sounds to words and schooling

    2 1/2 years we'll be rid of this

    The promises & optimism

    2 1/2 years they'll lie to us

    To justify their next decision

    They've given us a timeline

    Drawn into the sand

    But everyone who's lived in this desert

    Knows Allah's in command.

    Time has the upper hand.

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