Tom Udall for Vice President?

    OK, to start with, this is meant partly tongue-in-cheek. But… only partly.

    As you may recall, in 2008 there was some name calling within the Democratic party as to whether you were a racist (if you were a Clinton supporter) or you were a sexist (if you were an Obama supporter). Obviously, I'm hand-waving quite egregiously, but I trust that everyone remembers what I'm referring to, even if I am being a bit glib about it.

    McCain attempted to seize on Obama not choosing Clinton as VP by choosing Palin, in an attempt to woo some Clinton supporters over to his side. He might have been slightly successful, but he probably would've been a whole lot more successful if his party didn't frequently support anti-woman positions, and if he had chosen a more worthy female candidate.

    In that vein, if Romney does not get the nomination (and I think it unlikely he will, but I also think that's true of any one candidate, and one of them will win), then I think it's unlikely he will get the VP position, and there will be a lot of alienated Mormons. How do we pick them up?

    Tom Udall for Vice President!

    OK, I don't know much about Tom Udall, so maybe he's not the best choice (and maybe he is), but you get the idea.

    There is (at least) one slight flaw in my calculations. Whereas women make up slightly more than half the population, Mormons compromise only about 1.4% of American adults (as of 2008).


    The next tine a Mormon comes to my door, which will probably be sometime this week, I will do some armchair research and find out how alienated they might feel if Romney doesn't get the nomination.

    This will be welcome change from my usual short exchange with them which explains that bibles are mostly histories of warfare. 

    This is partly tongue-in-cheek. Okay.... With whom, pray tell, would Udall be running? He's a Democrat, and a pretty sane one. I can't imagine that would make him attractive to any of the GOP candidates. 

    Obama. The point was for us to pick them up. That is, until I found out they were only 1.4% of the electorate. (Even if they were a larger percentage, I'm not sure I'd actually be that cynical.)

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