Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption X

    Barr hid Russian IRA activity

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    Click to read the whole thread - deadly. The Reality Winner note was one surprise for me - she really did a service to us at great cost to herself - the powers that be were having a much easier time hiding things without her leak.

    Yet the Clinton stuff and divisive targeted partisan social media attacks are exactly the suspected/known fuckery that Barr publicly grandstanded on to cheerlead the right/GOP in pretending nothing was found re: Russian attacks, that it was all a liberal fantasy.

    TikTok, you've been had

    Haspel blocks CIA from WH

    If I were Eric's attorney I would suggest that he become just like his Saturday Night Live character and say he doesn't know nothing bout no real estate and nothing bout no taxes...

    Sitting Federal Prosecutor Says Bill Barr’s ‘Unprecedented Politicization’ of AG’s Office Has ‘Brought Shame’ on the DOJ

    JERRY LAMBE @ Sep 26th, 2020, 10:13 am

    While Bill Barr was rebuked in June by more than 1,250 former employees of the Department of Justice, this week marked the first time a sitting federal prosecutor directly and explicitly called out U.S. Attorney General for having intentionally turned the department into a political tool of the Trump administration.

    In a letter published in the Boston Globe on Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts James D. Herbert derided Barr’s second tenure as head of the DOJ, saying that his conduct in office “should concern all citizens.”

    “While I am a federal prosecutor, I am writing to express my own views, clearly not those of the department, on a matter that should concern all citizens: the unprecedented politicization of the office of the attorney general,” Herbert wrote. “The attorney general acts as though his job is to serve only the political interests of Donald J.Trump. This is a dangerous abuse of power.”

    Herbert said that he was “compelled to speak out” about Barr after hearing the attorney general’s controversial comments at Hillsdale College earlier this month. [....]

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