Trump/DoJ/GOP corruption XI

    Added GOP to the lede - they griftedd long & hard


    Trump's Secret Service boondoggle

    Wow2, DoJ sues Melania's asst?!

    The whole govt is Trump's personal plaything

    $250m dark money in courts

    Sen. Whitehouse explains:

    Rudy as Russian disinfo ally

    (who gave him a private hard drive, if they did?

    Another convenient active duty FBI agent?

    Have seen this Netflix series - not terribly believable,

    but has its audience)

    Match set game:

    with a cherry on top!

    Somehow The Deep State got to her. Even Rudy's circle is not safe! What's a Qanon to do?  Kidnap some governors? surprise

    If we could stop 2nd Amendmenting our own feet for a New York second, maybe... 

    Trump's 2016 Egypt Bank xfer (thread)

    Last minute cash for a broke campaign.

    When will we ever see Trump's it his campaign's taxes?

    That bought-and-paid for Supreme Court hasn't helped.

    "John Kelly" currently going viral on twitter

    Far from falling for his spin, NYT adding $100 million due the IRS to the the $421 million personally guaranteed:

    Forbes sez: Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested

    By Dan Alexander, Senior editor at Forbes, covering Donald Trump's business.​, Oct. 16

    They be faux media now > this article could be more devastating to Drumpf than any Lincoln Project ridicule.

    Let's add Javanka's, since they work as a family team. Much of 666 and Toronto from the UAE (and prolly Saudis as well)?

    Once again we get these leaks that hint that things are so much worse than we've imagined. But none of these shits will go on the record with the whole unvarnished truth. I hope they all go down in history as the cowardly slime they are.

    Federal Judge Signals It’s Clear That Trump Tweet Intended to Declassify All Mueller Documents, Orders DOJ to Find Out

    By Matt Naham @, Oct. 16

    The world is turned upside down: the press says President Donald Trump was telling the truth when he said on Twitter that he declassified all “Russia Hoax” documents, while the Department of Justice argues in court that the president of the United States lied about that. On Friday, Senior U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said during a hearing that the president’s intent on the subject of complete declassification of Russia documents seemed crystal clear [....]

    Ghislaine's turn in the barrel

    When/what comes out on Trump, or will Barr make sure she's suicides after slow boating this case?

    Lev Parnas:

    Mark Meadows raking it in

    Other stories and personal anecdotals just made me realize that this kind of cheating, whatever you want to call it, is going to be running rampant until we get covid under control.

    A lot of the usual gatekeepers are not working at the office and they are not working full time. The IRS, for example, is in chaos.

    Many who realize are taking advantage--why bother worrying what your books look like for 2019 or 2020 when the authorities are never ever going to have the staff to look at those years much less audit them. When they finally get back up to speed, they are just going to write off these years and move forward.

    Those who enforce "the rules" are working at half speed at best, allover the world actually.

    Comes to mind Trump's IRS case may have truly been on hold--his excuses are probably not a lie now anymore--there'd be nobody working on that case right now if NYTimes didn't.

    Same here with Mark Meadows.

    Office "staff" whose job is police this sort of thing are currently working at home, and have to deal with things like their kids around all day trying to learn remotely or depression or newly developed alchoholism, etc.

    Another example of what is happening, at the other end of the income scale is graft of welfare or entitlement services, as I am sure the employees are swamped, give a damn if someone is cheating or breaking the rules and just rubber stamp everything (if you are a claimant and lucky.)

    When government employees get back to full speed, especially state and local, the priority will surely be set by their bosses to: get money wherever you can. A prison sentence for a perp won't help the broken budgets.

    Iran disinfo?

    (yeah, almost every story can be filed under GOP corruption now)

    FinCEN plays partisan

    Fed Society SC self-dealing

    And what did they stack the court with?

    Plantation-era nostalgia

    Judge Sullivan: "Time's up!"

    DoJ blows Sullivan response

    Judge: Trump assholishness not binding


    Streisand Effect sighted

    (seems Javanka not ready for Broadway)

    More Law&Crime

    weird times

    Judge just called Jacob Wohl a terrorist. Seriously:

    NOTE it is a thread where he tweets excerpts from his article and some docs, too.

    Someone paid off about $1.5mill of Kavanaugh's bills. No one seemed to investugate

    Keeping it simple:

    Emptywheel's big Russiagate reveal to FBI

    (Interesting real life cloak 'n dagger stuff)

    Those "Iranian" emails...

    Remember - the full-court press on Hillary was 10x as tough as Joe's. Used to uninspire liberals and conservatives alike. 4 years later, still dribbling out clues and evidence.

    found retweeted by a British lady who is tops in her field of journalism regarding the international art market:

    so she knows these kinda guys--just probably never expected to see one that was such a crass criminal in excess leading the U.S.

    Dick Cheney/Erik Prince corrupt

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