What Republicans Would Have Us Believe

    This will be a short blog, really just a question. I'm not going to try to analyze every fact or theory of the many conspiracy theories out there. The thing is what it all amounts to is that the right wing would have us believe that the democrats with very little power, with Trump and the republicans controlling the presidency and both houses of congress were able to start a fraudulent investigation that resulted in several of Trump's associates being falsely charged with crimes they didn't commit and were able to get convictions that sent them to jail.

    While republicans in control of the whole apparatus of government were unable to investigate the very real criminal activity of democrats, were unable to charge any of these actual criminals with a single crime, nor were they able to get a single conviction or jail time.

    How is that possible?


    If you take an axe and repeatedly bring its edge down on a piece of basalt instead of using it to split wood, it will eventually become a blob of metal incapable of doing what it was made for.

    Now hand this instrument to the new owner of the ranch with a wink and a grin.

    Two words: Deep State

    PS Never question the rationality or credibility of right-wing conspiracy theories. They are never rational or credible. They are simply psychology appealing.

    For a guy whose name means basically "Whole Empire", i'm worried about what they may be telling you to tell us. Is this Psychological Warfare? How Deep is Deep? Is there a 2nd Deep State we don't know about? Can you take us to your leader?

    Childhood's End was right - just never thought it would be this soon.

    Hmmm, given that Wolriach is obviously using his vast wealth from writing propaganda to fund this site to influence the political process any or all of the names on the masthead could be part of the cabal. So PERACLES,  is this some type of subterfuge to fool us into believing there's some independence among the masthead posters or are you an insider whistle blowing on the top man in charge?

    I'm Dagblog's beard. Thought you knew.

    We have all the important stuff over on the super secret probation server.

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