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    As Belarusian journalists convicted, new human rights evidence re Chinese treatment of Uyghurs, what else?

    Thread for keeping up with the world beyond Cancun.

    ...is love sweet love...



    US reboots WHO efforts

    (it's not all about military by a long shot)


    The Nigerian version of prosperity gospel is pretty extreme:

    China, the new world order's capitalist imperialist running dog hegemon:


    Much of Silk Road/Belt & Road initiative is dead due to drop in funding and wariness about China's intentions (such as the large absences in China's recent East Europe push).

    But it's not just 1 single approach - there's a lot to be said for pushing plus incentives, not demonize, but also not let China strip away the West's alliance members 1 by 1. Nor no instant miracles, but certainly expect and work towards improvements.

    Chris Patten on the next round of Biden & others' diplomacy.


    Here's the "MSM" NOT ignoring the Uighur thing:

    The Chinese government is committing genocide against the Uighurs. Right now. We know where. And the world is just sitting back and letting it happen. Disney even thanked local party apparatchiks for letting them film Mulan there. https://t.co/DTP9pxLDHh

    — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 18, 2021

    ALSO: I found this via retweet by Andrew Sullivan (not exactly a leftist)

    Syria & Sarin - ingenuity

    this should take care of the whole "why are we always meddling with other governments" thing on this one

    When civil war broke out in Syria in 2011, CIA officials were seized with the fear that Damascus might lose control of its vast stores of sarin and other deadly nerve agents. As revealed in this excerpt from the new book “Red Line,” those fears were bolstered by more than 14 years of secret reports fed to the agency by one of Syria’s top military scientists. The CIA knew much of what materials Damascus possessed and where they were hidden — thanks mostly to one agent. The previously untold story of this man, who offered his services to the U.S., is based on interviews with three former U.S. intelligence officials familiar with the case as well as a Syrian scientist and defector who was a contemporary of Ayman.

    but it probably won't, cause the default is always "they're making it up." Actually quite prescient for the C.I.A. to worry that Syria would fall apart and lose control. Did it ever!

    Erik Prince broke UN embargo on Libya; Trump quickly backed eastern warlord

    Why China diplomacy fails

    wonderful example of how so many "cancel" international news according to the supposed ideological purism of the "reporter", ending up in a game of spending more time evaluating the messengers than the facts:


    Venezuelan women need birth control:

    The Brazilians are sinking into all these forms of self sabotage, from the personal to the ecological, that may be best observed from their neighbors.

    I ain't linking nothing from nothing. Look if you care to.

    Albanians in Yugoslavia - understandung the impasse as 1 key to the 20th Century Balkans (thread)

    Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard sez they are all in this attempting civilization thing together

    For those who aren't familiar with the lingo, Tesco is a huge British based multinational supermarket chain

    Criticism for Biden accepting that China is it's "own culture". Yet here watching a procession of families of Indian farmers killed in protest, it would be hard to deny they have their own culture - which doesn't mean the farmers don't have valid reasons to protest, or that theur killings were thus justified as a "culture thing" - it just means an additional lens that may or may not be relevant in understanding foreign events including human rights, general agreements, and everyday life. In fact, it seems respectful to understand that not everywhere is the US, but many of the standards and aspirations deserve to be as high as ours if not higher (even if the implementation may take on a local quality). In some ways these Indians are much like the Belarusians protesters out in the streets for 8 months now, in some ways no quite. It does not diminish their complaints not objections to their treatment to say so.

    With Uyghurs, they have *their* own culture which uses *parts* of Chinese culture, some voluntarily, some forced. Ignoring the cultural aspect is a bland way of missing half of what is going on, as it affects the goals of what's happening, and any possible solutions or lessening of tensions & atrocities.


    The government of France announced an investigation into social science research, broadening attacks on what it sees as destabilizing American influences.

    Defun the Police, Karachi style

    Many high level Iranian officials should be charged for the shooting down of a Ukrainian commercial airliner in January 2020, a UN human rights expert has said, describing the killing of the 176 people aboard as a “profound and serious indictment” of the country’s civil and military authorities.

    Agnès Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, delivered a 45-page letter to the Iranian government which was made public on Tuesday, outlining her findings from a six-month investigation into the disaster, and complaining about the lack of Iranian cooperation, which has left many of her questions unanswered.

    Callamard issued a particularly strong condemnation of the Tehran government’s treatment of the victims’ families, who she said had been harassed and threatened, denied the return of remains and personal effects, and forced to go along with officially staged “martyr” funerals....

    continued here

    here's another from Australia

    Same shit his trolls did to U.S. since 2016, manipulate the woke's passions either to his benefit to cause chaos. Loves to see culture warring, daddy will stop it.

    Hong Kong breaking & Blinken's reaction:

    FB/Twitter hate use abroad

    just saw this criticism too

    UK blows NIreland reqs, EU not pleased

    ^ especially the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.

    Just pointing it out as interesting because they are like 85% Sunni.

    Huge explosions rock Equatorial Guinea's main city

    Published @ BBC News, 5 hours ago WITH VIDEO

    At least 15 people have died and hundreds more have been injured in a series of explosions in Equatorial Guinea, the health ministry says.

    Some 500 people were injured following the blasts, which happened near a military barracks in the main city of Bata on Sunday.

    The blasts were caused by "negligence" relating to the storage of dynamite at the barracks, the president said.

    Images on social media showed huge plumes of smoke and widespread damage.

    State television showed people looking for survivors in the rubble and lifting up debris from collapsed buildings.

    President Teodoro Obiang Nguema said in a statement that the impact of the explosion "caused damage in almost all the houses and buildings in Bata", and called for international help with aid.

    He added that the incident may have occurred following the burning of fields surrounding the barracks by farmers.

    In a series of tweets, the health ministry asked for volunteer health workers to go to Bata Regional Hospital. It has also asked for blood donations due to the high number of casualties.[.....]

    embedded TWEETS follow as well as more text

    Is this some kind of a cultural thing we need to respect? Just askin

    My Thai is pretty bad, but I swear he said "filthy vermin".

    Japan in the mirror - wut happened?

    (extended thread)

    Syria big picture by Josh Rogin:

    I give Lulu shit over Syria, but this article seems loony in the opposite direction - keep doubling tripling down on a sliver of hope, rather than coming up with a coherent realistic and humane plan after 10 years. (comparing Assad to the Nazis is a great start) - feels a lot like old school tough love from 20 years ago - is our neocons learning?

    Fortunately Biden is likely to ignore the Rogin types and try to actually work towards peace.

    Note that this idea of ripping off a piece of a country and promoting independence is largely what we complain about Russia doing (Gruzhya, Donbas, parts of Moldova...)

    Plenty of other sources here if paywall is a problem there: https://twitter.com/i/events/1370829096339447809


    so much for canards about socialist France:

    take note: these are not typically right winger people

    only for those in need of witty sophisticated analysis of #brexit fallout:

    trying to get people to pay attention:

    always trying to compete with the rate of U.S. gun deaths:

    More cheaper housing

    (not dawn of the exurban dead)

    Plus the greenhouse gases...

    Basically accusing China of doing the same thing as Putin trolls in the U.S., stoking tribal divisiveness among the enemy while trying to consolidate ethnicities into one nationalist type within their own border:

    ah I see, new catchword, *supremacist worldview* now splains all evil:

    (It's as regards UK politics; so makes it pretty interesting as compared to the U.S.)

    WAP Suez traffic jam

    Iran and China going to make it official - best buddies:

    Daragahi shocked & awed:

    Seth Ambramson on the horrors in Brazil:

    China is very 20th century - 

    1) war approach is diff from development - WWII etc al were shared experiences, developed and not developed. New China dev doesn't equal going thru those war buildups & other mid-century transitions, though jockeying for position will happen in some way.

    2) as Bucky Fuller noted, there's lots of skips later developing countries can do - they don't have to follow every dark twist of the industrial age, but it's still a tough path, and the compressed version can be more stressful in some ways (though I'd say the dragged out version is worse)

    3) China had some great, no, huge advantages* over what sub-Saharan Africa faces, and w 1/3 the world population in 2100, they will have to address this climb through the industrial age very soon with much greater haste.

    4) tho Africa will have some great access to technology as the Covid bump improves health and communication, renewables in 20 years will take pollution down a step.

    *larger, more concentrated populations around Pacific rim, good access to water and transport, relatively homogenous culture under single strongarm government, relatively hi affinity for education, non-fossil bike transportation avoided worse pollution/congestion, urban development embraced high rises early, single language (plus Hong Kong British model as access to rest of world),... And China largely had a pseudo-monopooy on outsourced manufacturing in the 90s on - did not have to compete much with others as field advantage was theirs.

    5) so Africa will have to compete as a bunch of independent states, or if lucky an African EU, but that glib term masks a ton (and centuries) of difference between Africa and the EU. 

    6) another option is putting Africa on a rough Universal Basic Income as efficiences and progress in other regions reach pseudo-exponential rates (machine learning/AI/etc al turned back on itself to speed health, tech, production...) so that the danger of inequality is worse than sharing the wealth.

    Kidnapping in Haiti during a live broadcast church service:

    Another capture of live broadcast and kidnapping in Diquini, #Haiti tonight. pic.twitter.com/HtRNA6cPTb

    — Kevin Pina (@AcrossMediums) April 2, 2021

    This just happened at my church in Haiti like 20 min ago please help pic.twitter.com/cNWYNAKhFt

    — Marc (@marcbrianvil) April 2, 2021

    Miami Herald has picked up the story:

    Second try.

    I just learned a couple of days ago that the SDS has been resurrected and just now that possibly the Tonton Macoute as well. 

    deja vus allover again, thanks for the tip

    (I did type this comment over after my first one got deleted--just so you don't think you're going crazy)


    Nearly 20 arrested in alleged plot against King of Jordan:


    Russia's Arctic buildup


    Close to the Nazi film of happy life in Theresienstadt - gypsy & Jewish paradise set in Xinjiang?
    Heidi & Sound of Music in the Altai or Karakorum?


    wow, that's kind of surprising, venturing backward into North Korean style (which in itself was influenced by Mao cultural revolution, of course) I am not surprised few Chinese are watching it!

    Lily is great at splaining

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