Made me laugh ...


    yeah well he's an okey-dokey kinda guy, isnt' he?

    Interesting that Douthat thinks that clip could guarantee Biden's election. He is kinda adorable in that clip, so maybe....

    yeah, I get it, folksy old gramps. He's coming closer to the SNL Joe Biden babbling about Cornpop. Is not the more aggressive Joe Biden I knew in the past but he may very well have become that, people do change and we all know his son's death really affected him.

    Al Franken's got to him - he's become Stuart Smalley

    Promoting a true story that might also happen to appeal to all those harried single working suburban moms out there and even the "family values" types:


    and the "family values" types aren't just right-wing Christians but also include people like this guy:

    yup, family guy, you'd more than trust this one to babysit

    Good message. Tone too dated though, both narration and score.


    hokey--which rhymes with wokey, okey and dokey, all fits together! Gramps.

    Hokey And Pokey

    People would vote for Gumby, man. He's a nice honest guy! Extra added bonus: he knows how tough it is having a skin color different from most folks.

    And if that black snake on the pony's head slithers forward a little and keeps a stiff upper hip that pony can fool people into believing it is a unicorn.  I want one of those too, for VP at least, along with Gumby. smiley

    Word perfect!

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