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    Big News - Tim Tebow...

    Is an evangelist!

    I see playing football at Florida as a ministry and opportunity to share my faith even more. It's a chance to be a missionary without the title. (Tim Tebow)

    Oh yeah, he's also coming back for his senior year.

    [And, why not?]

    Back to the preaching thing, did everybody know this but me?

    From the AP:

    There was speculation he might head to the NFL, especially since he has talked about wanting a bigger platform to share his religious message and expand his community work, but Tebow said he never strongly considered leaving early.

    [Perhaps, I was too caught up in the whole Jeff Jagodzinski - Gene DiFilippo fiasco at Boston College.  No offense to defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani ("Spaz") but if they don't look into making a serious run at Charlie Strong, I'm not sure I can continue to defend DiFilippo.]

    So consider this a follow up to Mortimus' Kurt Warner video, a ChristianSoapbox report on how on Tim that explains how he once refused to be on a pre-season All-American list because it was sponsored by a men's magazine.

    Quite an interesting guy, no?


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