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    Pope Blood! Get your Pope Blood!

    In 2011, showcasing someone's blood is usually left to the likes of eccentric celebrities or psycopaths. But when it comes to religion, blood lust is not just a hobby, it's part and parcel of the whole thing. Which explains why Pope John Paul II's blood was on display at the Vatican.

    Blood taken from Pope John Paul II before he died is to go on display at his beatification on Sunday.

    One of four small vials of blood removed from John Paul during his final days will be used, the Vatican said in a statement.

    The Polish pontiff is to be beatified at a ceremony celebrated by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI. ...

    ... After the death of John Paul, two of the vials of blood were given to the late pope's private secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, now archbishop of Krakow, Poland. ...

    ... After being extracted, the blood was mixed with an anti-coagulant in the container to ensure it remained liquid.

    "The blood and hair, these are from of the pope's body, so these are relics of the first degree," Cardinal Dziwisz told AFP.

    No one should ever dismiss the importance of hair and anti-coagulant in the march toward sainthood. Also, murdering Africans by telling them that condoms will kill them and protecting pedophiles is quite important, as well.


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    Hey! I'm the bleedin' Pope, mate!

    Oh you bleeding hearts are all the same.

    I mean the Vatican is big business for chrissakes!

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