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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Fiddle-dee-dee


    Let the fiddling begin.

    Wolfrum's Word

    Congress is back! In other news, Fiddle companies announce they plan for record profits.


    A Time of Cholera: Cholera Outbreak reaches Port au Prince. Death toll closing in on 1,000.  

    Congress Returns: The Lame-Duck session stars. Don't expect much.  

    Nazis!: The U.S. welcomed them with open arms.  Also, Neo-Nazis love Arizona’s racist laws!

    Iraq: Death.

    Afghanistan: Death.

    Oh, that Hamid: Seems Karzai is a crappy puppet some times.

    Look to the Sky: And see the Leonid meteor shower.

    Just Thinking


    I think the Neo-Nazis have been around long enough that we can just call them "Nazis" now.


    Pac-Man: Manny Pacquiao secures his place in boxing history, with or without Floyd Mayweather.

    NFL: Steelers, Giants suffer bad losses. Find scores here.


    DKos: The case for impeaching the President.  

    DailyDrew: My E-mail to Mark Shields.  

    Zero Hedge: Ben Bernanke sentences the poor to a long, cold winter.


    War, War, War. I get so bored I could scream.


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    Nice job labeling SB 1070 as racist.  By pretending that there is no difference between anti-illegal immigration enforcement and racism you and all the other members of the left who do likewise fritter away the moral authority an earlier generation of liberals won on race related matters.   

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