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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – June 28, 2010

    "It's like a celebration of being who you are, of being yourself - no judging."


    Group of 20: First, the good news: The banks and financial institutions will do great, the bad news - you're the one that will be paying for the deficit. Austerity now! Kagan Confirmation: Elena Kagan's Supreme Court confirmation begins today, and we'll soon see just how far Republicans can stretch "pretty thin gruel." We Are So Screwed: Even World Leaders have decided that prayer is the smartest way to fight British Petroleum's oil disaster. Hurricane Alex: Will Hurricane Alex turn the Gulf of Mexico into a disaster area? I mean, more of a disaster area? More importantly, how will it affect oil prices? North Korea Wants More Nukes: Nothing to worry about, though. Their leadership is quite stable. Plus, no oil. Also: Dick Cheney maintains life, Sen. Robert Byrd may not, and Martin D. Ginsburg (husband of Scotus'Ruth Bader Ginsburg) didn't. Update: Sen. Byrd died this morning



    U.S. Loses: The American team represented themselves well and looked professional and hungry on the pitch. Sadly, they couldn't will the ball into the goal enough to beat Ghana, thus their World Cup is over. I blame Obama. Mexico Loses: Bad calls and sloppy play stopped the Mexican team as they were swamped 3-1 by Argentina. Like many U.S. fans, however, Mexican loyalists are feeling good about their team. God Save England: The English side had one thing going for them this World Cup - no one could do worse than France. Still, Germany's 4-1 win sends England home looking rather small and silly.

    Opinion & Blogs

    Frank Rich: It took a Rolling Stone reporter to showcase just how little our corporate media has told us about Afghanistan. Liberaland: Bobby Jindal wants Fed support for Oil Disaster. But don't ask the Governor of Louisiana to use state resources or resources already given to him. Huffington Post: CIA Director Leon Panetta admits no one could have anticipated how tough things would be in Afghanistan. Matthew Yglesias: Former Washington Post blogger Dave Weigel got screwed for not being a far-right partisan and for having a very low opinion of Matt Drudge. The Daily Beast: Tom Cruise's new movie sucks, and not in a "Twilight" sort of way. Maybe he needs to give more money to his Scientologist buddies.

    Tweet of the Day

    "Maybe if we had a National Day of Science instead of Prayer we'd know how to stop a deep sea oil disaster." Via OTOOLEFAN. --WKW


    "Maybe if we had a National Day of Science instead of Prayer we'd know how to stop a deep sea oil disaster."

    If you ran on that platform, WKW, I'd vote for you for President.

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