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The Strange Firing of Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz

Let me share the strange tale of the firing of Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz who is in charge of the joint forces gathered for the inauguration on Friday.

He "has spent months" helping with the planning of protection of the President-Elect/President, along with everyone else. In other words, this requires a high degree of coordination. The Washington Post broke the story and gives explicit detail.  Here are the specifics...

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Globalization, Lost Jobs, Immigration and More

Long before one line of NAFTA was written, manufacturing in the United States was dying. Not just factory after factory was shuttered, but entire industries were shipped out of the country, until virtually noting remained. While it is not part of this discussion, as manufacturing left, the strength of unions bled out onto the broken foundations of the dead factory floors. By the 1970's there was already the movement from an Industrial to Post Industrial society, and the burning question was 'Could a society that produced nothing survive?' (Something that is still a viable question) However, the question that was not raised until much later was 'Can the middle class survive?'

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How Trump Addresses Economic Inequality

How does Donald Trump, who has sold himself as a 'populist', plan to deal with the economic disparity in the country? The same way he seems to do most things; he doubles down on inequality.

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How Do Republicon Wet Dreams Serve the People?

Sorry for the crudeness, but it really chafes me that the Republicon laundry list, that they spent the last FOUR YEARS 'practicing', is in anyway positive for the people of the United States?

Who wins by cutting taxes for the wealthy?

Who wins by removing regulations (read constraints to protect: the people, consumers, our social institutions, the environment, etc)?

Who wins by cutting Medicaid - medical care for the poor?

Who wins by CORPORATIZING (aka 'privatizing') the VA, education, social security, medicare, and on and on?


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