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Why George W. Bush was a better president than Thomas Jefferson

In the spirit of a recent post comparing Hamilton and Cheney, I thought I'd explore one area where George W. Bush bests Thomas Jefferson hands down: Bush never owned a single slave (as far as I know).

Of course, you might say that times were different when Jefferson was president, but is that any better of an excuse than "just following orders"?

Discuss. Please. (I'm only being half-way snarky here.)

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Milgram, "just following orders", and compassion

In this posting, I intend to discuss how "just following orders" is not as lame an excuse as many seem to think it is, but how, nevertheless, we cannot accept it as a valid excuse, and attempt to look at how we should handle such cases.

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Rand/Thrasymachus, Marx, and Dostoyevsky

With the lack of regulation leading to catastrophic failure of our "free market" system, in turn leading to calls for increased calls for regulation, it's no surprise that the virtues of Ayn Rand are being extolled once again. Although I have no problem with her as an author, or even as a philosopher, I do have a problem with taking her ideas out of historical context, and attributing to them a greater worth than I think they deserve.


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