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    The dagbuzz for 3/3/09: (Fallon's Poor Debut and The Bachelor's Stunning End)

    If you've been following my blogging at all, you know how little shame I have. In today's dagbuzz, I take the shamelessness to a whole new level by admitting I got emotionally involved with this past season of The Bachelor, which ended last night in spectacular fashion. It is so very very wrong that I think I may have gotten myself more worked up over what Jason did to Melissa last night than anything AIG, Madoff, Thain or Rush have done during the past year.

    Excuse me now while I go lift weights or chew tobacco or trade worthless mortgage derivatives or just do something to prove that I have still have some testosterone left in me.

    Thanks as always to Yahoo's Buzz! for the links!

    Image: The Bachelor chooses...

    The Bachelor chooses...

    Image: Jimmy Fallon Pulls His First Late Nighter


    You know how I've been kinda bugging you guys to find more women bloggers? It appears now that it is entirely unnecessary. Never mind.

    when we going shopping for shoes, O?

    Sorry, girlfriend. I hate shopping. No manis or pedis either. 

    But if you're ever in the mood to watch a Jane Austen movie for the four hundredth time, I'm your girl. Especially if it's Persuasion. That's my favorite!

    Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster.. I don't know what to say, man.  I have a friend who watches all of the VH1 "Love" shows, which have a similar format.  You know, "Flavor of Love", "Rock of Love", "A Shot at Love", etc.  Yes, he's male.  So you aren't alone, but... better you guys than me.

    I've never found Fallon that funny.  He's had his moments, but I think Family Guy pretty well nailed it (sorry, Canada.. it's from

    Timberlake's SNL appearances gave me a whole new respect for him.  I'm not a fan of his music, but the dude has a great sense of humor.

    lol. thats a good clip. love family guy.

    btw, i know those vh1 shows all too well. I used to watch them regularly, and then i think it was during the season I love New York (new york was the girl who flav rejected) that I finally decided life was somehow too valuable to spend more time on those shows. i still watch celebrity fit club when it's on, though (although that show may be done now), and I find it very difficult to change the channel when i run across Rock of Love.

    as you can tell, my time apparently isn't that valuable.

    btw, i just watched a clip of fallon on from the CES show. He was actually funny there and seemed like a nice guy (and a bit of a geek!). I think I'm going to start rooting for him to succeed!

    In fairness, Fallon has done a few things that I've liked a lot.  Of course, he pulled the old can't keep it together routine in the famous Blue Oyster Cult sketch, but I think he killed it in this one, which is one of my favorites:

    In this instance, it's not Fallon who couldn't keep it together.  I also really liked a couple of impressions on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy, particularly his Adam Sandler and Robin Williams.

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