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    Rick Barber (R) Alabamastan, in his own words

    Today, Chris Matthews interviews and destroys Rick Barber (R) Alabamastan, running for congress. I really don't have to say anymore than WATCH THIS AND LAUGH!



    I dunno--I wouldn't call that "destroying" exactly. In a weird way, Matthews seemed more evasive than Barber, refusing to understand the point that Barber was trying to make. In found it sort of irritating, but I'm not a big Matthews fan.

    It made me laugh hard. I think Barber is a moron or is that a maroon?

    I am doing a follow up right now.

    Morning Genghis! :D

    Good morning...or good afternoon. I thought that Barber came off better than I expected. His explanation of the effect of a consumption tax was simplistic and naive, but I've seen more ignorant blatherers on both sides of the aisle. I would have liked to see Matthews debate the wisdom of a consumption tax rather than simply try to force Barber to give him a percentage. But I await your follow-up.

    They've gone crazy on my youtube channel, some conservative site linked up to my video and all the nuts are there. I didn't think Barber came off well at all, so I guess it is all in perspective!

    I continue to work on my follow up, it is crazy, and it needs editing.

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