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    Make Monday Manic.


    A Time of Cholera: Haiti fighting to slow spread of disease with more than 200 dead thus far.

    Afghanistan: Death and corruption.

    Wikileaks: A summary of what was released.

    Google: Is stealing passwords evil?

    BP Oil Disaster: Yes, there's still plenty of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.


    World Series: The Giants win the pennant!

    (B)Rocked: Cain Velasquez just puts a pounding on Brock Lesnar at UFC 121.

    NFL: Steelers, Redskins, Raiders win. Scores here.

    Brett Favre: Maybe he should have stuck with retirement.

    Today's Thought

    At least the Juan Williams story is keeping the media from focusing too much on Haitians dying horrible deaths from Cholera.


    Crooks & Liars: Pundit extraordinaire David Brooks doesn't see what effect money has on politics.

    Bob Cesca: Reaganomics in convenient graph form.

    Equalitopia: Ugandan newspaper outs the country’s 100 “top homosexuals.”

    Osborne Ink: Your morning awful.

    Mock, Paper, Scissors: The Huffington Post Effect - why pay anyone?

    That's Why: Sh*t my mom says.



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