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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Just a Kiss

    It's just a Kiss.


    Indonesia: The death toll rises.

    No Kissing: Facebook shuts down group planning a Same-Sex Kiss Flashmob in front of Pope.

    Vietnam: Kissing off human rights to celebrate the arrival of Hillary Clinton.

    Daily Obama: President Barack Obama makes his pitch to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

    Shell: How about that, an oil company with outlandish profits.


    Lost the Sheen: No one could have anticipated Charlie Sheen would terrorize and abuse women. He really needs another chance.

    A Special Episode of Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' parents Don't kiss, don't make up.

    Giant Game One: San Francisco tops Texas Rangers in World Series opener.

    Wolfrum's Word

    I admire Marie Claire editors for standing firm on their belief that fat people are gross and disgusting. At least you know where they stand. To reiterate - Marie Claire hates fat people.


    Mudflats: Scott McAdams surges past ethically challenged Joe Miller in Alaska Senate race.

    Crooks & Liars: Putting a big target on abortion doctors, whose lives are in danger anyway.

    HuffPo: Marie Claire Magazine announces it is Pro-Fat Hatred.

    TBogg: Joe Miller is a douchebag who can't hold a job.

    Lance Mannion: The Rand Paul stomp gone viral.

    The Fat Nutritionist: Eating disorders - The world needs Sofia. Sofia needs you.


    Ban this kiss, Facebook.


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