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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Secret Lives

    Funny Guy.


    We Have Always Been at War with Pakistan: One day, you’ll wake up and the term “War on Pakistan” will just appear in the vernacular.

    Death in Iraq:A U.S. Soldier kills U.S. soldiers.

    It’s the Economy. Stupid.: Like your economy is any better.

    Obama backs Stewart Rally: The President gives John Stewart a pat on the head.

    Killing Afghans for Fun: Well, it’s not like the roaming squads of random death killed Tony Curtis or anything.


    Tony Curtis: Legendary movie star dies at age 85.

    Greg Giraldo: The comedian dies at age 44.

    Random Thought

    I’m already quite sick of Russell Brand.


    Womanist Musings: Blackface is fashionable again.

    Black Magpie Theory: Do as we say but not as we do.

    Crooks & Liars: Carl Paladino is living in a violent alternate reality.

    Why is Daddy Crying?: I Was Caught Flogging the Dolphin.

    Tmccarthy0: The day David Ehrenstein threatened to kick my ass at Salon.com.

    Finally Revealed!

    The Secret Life of Harvest Mice.



    Greg Giraldo; that made me feel bad, too many comedians have gone out this way. I enjoyed his material, he was a smart comic. He really made me laugh.  Sigh.

    I love that comedian.  His timing is great, delivery wonderful...just good at what he does.

    Say, am I supposed to click those red thingies?

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