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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Talk Talk

    Lots of talk, not much action.


    Obama to talk to Republicans: Don't expect much.

    Haiti: Well, at least the election in the ravaged country wasn't really, really fraudulent. Cholera, however, is not slowing down.

    Wikileaks: Julian Assange will do just fine in prison. Really.

    Fed Pay Freeze: No more raises for two years for Federal workers - unless they are in Congress, of course.

    Iran Nukes: Another discussion on tap, general sentiment is that Iran could conceivably be lying about everything and will continue.


    Barca: The world's best soccer team thrashes Real Madrid.

    Leslie Nielsen: Remembering a funny man.


    Mediaite: Hillary Clinton not at all pleased with Wikileaking.

    X17 Online: Barbara Walters finds Justin Beiber and Sarah Palin interesting.

    Crooks & Liars: Joe Lieberman loves Fox News, and will love them more when he's an official Republican.

    Bob Cesca: Sarah Palin's DumbStupid.


    Keep on talking.


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