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    There's more to blogging than writing! For every blogger capable of seamlessly weaving together succinct ideas at blazing speeds there are hundreds, if not thousands, slowly throwing words at a screen hoping they stick. Both groups are part of the same historical, social and cultural epoch. Our blogs, no matter how silly or serious, have the potential to be part of a larger canon. Our words confirm or refute the dominant narratives about the events defining our present and shaping the future. This is valuable. Historians and sociologist of the past would have loved to have access to all of the information we produce.

    Blogging isn't about who writes the best sentences or has the biggest audience. We are conquerors. We colonized territories once dominated by traditional media, think tanks and academia. We are a snapshot into a moment; we are the reflection of our audience. Our true value isn't measured in dollars and clicks, but in perseverance and authenticity.   

    Our blogs form a block of information previously unavailable. So much of the history we learned as children was shaped by people who had access to wealth and power. This doesn't necessarily mean their motives were bad, but events are perceived differently depending on circumstances. There are so many instances where the voiceless were rendered invisible by the people who thought they were telling their story. How many of the books written about America’s move from an agrarian based economy to a manufacturing based economy do you think were written by farmers needing to learn industrial skills?

    If you are a blogger, THANKS! Producing content can be difficult. Blogging requires more time and energy than most of us have. Blogging is often a thankless and fruitless endeavor. I respect anyone dedicated to honing their craft. Every blog has value: even if you are struggling to find the value in your own work.

    If you are thinking about starting a blog, stop thinking and start blogging. Don’t worry about picking the perfect platform, templates or themes: all of those details will work themselves out over time. Don’t obsess over sentence structure or grammar: those details will also work themselves out. If you have something to say: say it. Presentation is important, but not as important as content. Your audience is waiting on you.




    Information is important.

    But also simply expressions of opinion.

    I personally am interested in what Peter unverified thinks or would be if he skipped the abuse and provided " just the facts mam." 

    Peter has no facts therefore I'm uninterested in what he thinks. Either he's a knowing purveyor of some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories and therefore a liar. Or he has been taken in by those conspiracies and therefore a fool. In both cases he's a fool since the people here read too much to be swayed by his attempts to spread nonsense. I'd let him waste his time posting nonsense and take an extremely hard line on deleting any post that's abusive and insulting.

    'No idea too lunatic': how Trump's shock troops attack US democracy

    “There’s no idea too lunatic or extreme that Trump cannot find someone to amplify them for him,” said Charlie Sykes, a conservative broadcaster and journalist. “This is the new political normal. It’s no wonder that Trump is not deterred from saying crazy things, because he knows there will always be someone willing to go out there and repeat them.”


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