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    Crazy Eye Donation

    It's good to see Krazee-Eyez Killa branching out.  Maybe you've seen his subway ads for the Eye Bank of New York.

    What's next Michael Chiklis for the Hair Club for Men?

    Click through for their TV ad.

    In reality, Chris and his sis have come together to honor their father, Milton Williams who "was a gifted music teacher for over 43 years, right here in New York. And his greatest lesson was that of being an eye donor. When he passed away, he gave the beautiful gift of sight. It only takes a minute to sign up to be an eye donor. Do it today."

    This is, of course, completely lovely but I can't help but think of this classic clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Larry David is also genius here)

    [WARNING - DO NOT (!) click on this video unless you are prepared from some serious off-color, offensive and hilarious language.]



    I didn't realize how much I missed that show until now 

    I hate to be the guy who poops on the snark, but I think it's pretty cool that their dad donated his eyes and that they honored him by doing an ad about it.

    Full disclosure: I've never liked Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Man, you dagbloggers are a little uptight, no?

    Plus, I did note that it was "completely lovely" and included all of the stuff about their dad.


    What, you didn't see the picture of me decked out in full body orange flair? I'm just a pain the ass. Ask Orlando.

    No comment. 

    we all know there's something wrong with G, and we didnt need to some pic of him in a fruity carnivale costume to know that. I mean, how can anyone not like Curb??

    See, that's the tyranny of Curb. It's one of those supposed cultural yardsticks, like NPR. If you're liberal and intellectual, you're supposed to listen to NPR, particularly This American Life. And if you're irreverent and sophisticated, you're supposed to find Curb hilarious. If you don't, you just haven't watched enough episodes. Well dammit, I don't want to watch any more episodes. Larry David bugs me almost as much as Ira Glass. I hereby declare myself free from overbearing cultural constraints of you small-minded liberal, irreverent, sophisticated intellectuals.

    Excuse me, I have to go run naked in the street now. After that, I plan to donate my eyes.

    Ira Glass bugs you? Do you hate puppies too?

    See!!!!!! This is what I'm talking about. Stop oppressing me.

    i think if you're not a dullard and have even a sliver of a sense of humor, you're supposed to find Curb hilarious. I don't think being liberal, irreverent or sophisticated are prerequisites, tho i happen to be all three (and stylish and brilliant).

    That explains it. I'm a dullard.

    PS Though I have no evidence to back up my claim, I suspect that the Curb's audience is predominently white, educated, urban, affluent, and disproportionately Jewish. And liberal. If it had commercials, Priuses would figure prominently.

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