Ben Franklin's home abortion how-to

    Ben Franklin's home abortion how-to

    (what the Founding Fathers wanted, eh Alito?)

    More on Alito's jurisprudence incompetence or selective vindictiveness and mendaciousness

    Ann Hill's successful 14th + 8th Amendments right to an abortion that Alito couldn't find

    Able v Markle, Connecticut


    What's your point?

    Gut punches are complicated. 

    I was wondering how much the JK Rowling brew hah hah distracted from real women's/girls' problems, bing half the world's population, while going thru obligatory pronoun training rather than defending something as obvious as abortion and policing against gun massacres and a huge rise in violence.

    I also remembered John Kerry's campaign was largely lost due to the hurry to get gay marriage accepted immediately, which of course didn't happen but it was a great recruiter for Iraq involvement and other conservative candidates and causes.

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