A Career in Writing

    As we all debate Substack and what not, let's look at the glamour and appeal of a career in writing (yes, a bit dated - perhaps)


    Or documentarian. The ugly truth about creatives vs. monetarization.You sell one persona, they want you to stick to it. It's ever been thus, actually not anything new, really. But in this piece there is good "signing a contract with the devil" details about current practices, it's a good read:


    Good comments as well. At least seems like he has a future.

    But yeah, similar to these "incubators" looking to lock in talent for a song.

    some rappers seem to have the new world cash flow thing figured out:

    Bhad Bhabie aka “catch/cash me outside” made over $1 million in six hours on OnlyFans. pic.twitter.com/RjAMBvJQK0

    — Yashar Ali (@yashar) April 2, 2021

    They always say that about rappers and then when their career winds down, they are bankrupt/in debt.

    Balance statement, profit sheet, cash flow - you can't just choose 2 out of 3. What are his incoming expenses, and who controls his assets?

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