Julio Cortazar - why just 1 reality?

    We've underestimated our psychological complexity, our capabilities.
    A game and not a game, and more.
    Once these were the discussions of art & politics.
    Rayuela - Hopscotch. We don't move linearly - we jump around.


    The title story was End of The Game, called Final del juego in Spanish. Blow Up was one of the stories, called Las Babas del Diablo in Spanish, The Devil's Drool. By the way, in the film, when the photographer is looking at the black and white photos he took of the men at the dormitory, one of them is of Cortazar's.

    Hi Jorge, thanks for the info!

    Nice, thanks for the correction. Next, "Sobre Heroes y Tumbas", or that Pájaro book by Jose Donoso, or maybe the film of Erendira, with it's "y su abuela desalmada" title for the short story.

    Sadly the film of "House of Spirits" was a mess.

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