Life in Lagos [warning, also ad]

    I hear enough about Lagos, especially its past and future growth, but never see videos, so here's one (yes, they're advertising chocolate)


    I have been to Cameroon, not Nigeria. One thing that is striking is that Nigeria tries much harder to present itself as desireable to the world than other African countries.

    Potential idea for Hollywood?

    I was most astounded by the meteoric growth. I wonder: why did it happen? Video made me think of Emma Lazurus' phrase teeming shore. 

    One real strong meme I see about Nigeria after years of seeing things from Nigerians on the internet (i.e. forums on all and on the Nigerian outlets they feature; social media like Twitter - -tho not necessarily Lagos) is: I WANT TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY, it's hopeless. (They like to bitch and moan about it to each other and trade tips, like: Canada is taking us right now!  Here's what you need to do.... They seek out ex-pats and like to communicate with them.) Of course I realize the squeakiest wheels make the most noise and these may be a miserable minority, still they are prominent and loud.

    Then throw on top of that that this not what the maker of the video, a white guy foreigner, is expressing, he sees enormous potential, he has great faith in them.

    We live in microcosms. I might live in a city, but in reality I've borrowed or rented a few blocks, invested in a club and a cafe, perhaps now and then getting further. So you find that magical location in Lagos or LA or Lima, and the rest doesn't matter, for better or worse.

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