Me too, I want some of Bob Dylan's estate


    LOL - whatever happened to "believe all women?" You mean some of them aren't always telling the truth? How is that possible? Say it ain't so! :o

    Considering Dylan's tour and recording sessions are well documented (with dates and various hangers-on throughout), she better hope she did her homework.

    Here's a preliminary list of Dylan's flames. Conveniently for her, most are dead.

    Dagblog posters have made a turn for the much better over the past few years. JS. :)

    Thanks for adding that; I didn't alert you to it missing because your point was clear. BUT is actually real interesting in that most people, especially men, can't really rid themselves of being attracted to one or two select physical types even if they try (is that deep in the DNA? an evolution thing?) But he's was amazingly allover the map in partners! He really did have wide ranging tastes! It like jives with him being a totally cerebral type person, he was attracted to minds and personalties, not physical types. or at the very least open to all kinds of women as lovers.

    I hadn't really thought about it but mine's all over the place as well, or at least was, tho I'm sure overall Bob ran with much richer talent.

    BTW, the one Dylan Chronicles book i read was really good, not in a groupie way, but just giving a feel for where he was, thought processes and transitions he was going through. One passage was him being unsure in middle age when going out on tour with the Dead, so he walked out of rehearsal, happened to walk by an afternoon practice session of some jazz singer who was busting it 5-6 hours a night for years, figured out how to treat his voice different after all that time - adjusting to aging reality, but finding a different place and spark. Or the idea that Dylan took his kids sailing around the Caribbean for a year.

    well it's just that I get a wee bit cynical when it's over 50 years ago , there is no other evidence of pedophilia against him, now 80 years old, and she's 62 now, approaching retirement, time to think about finances...

    PLUS, might as well throw this in that I just saw that there is a cynicism problem with "Times Up", how appropriate:

    .@jodikantor and an NYT team on Times Up moving from using connections to push for change in behavior by male officials to avoiding targeting certain men because they were either allies or seen as on the organization's team

    — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) August 22, 2021

    I think that there is a group of people out there that just thinks this is the thing to do now. A lot of the accusations made against Marilyn Manson included stuff he wrote about in a mass produced book well over 20 years ago.

    Nope - Trent Reznor won't even talk to Manson because he thinks he's so toxic. Breakup with Evan Rachel Wood was 2007, and she testified about it to Congress (domestic abuse) in 2018. So no, not pre-history. Yes, it is possible that Manson's stuff is just being-a-sick-badass schtick, but it appears not. Wolf Alice's lead found him upskirting her with a GoPro after 2014 (she had to negotiate with his team for him to delete it);. Bianca's charges are from 2011.

    Reflecting on the aftermath of sharing her statement about Manson, Rowsell told the Times that she’d faced “a lot of trolls” who said she’d made her story up “for attention” or insinuated that “it was my fault because I put myself in those situations”.

    “So there are a lot of weirdos on my case, but the reason I said anything was because other people weren’t being believed and I felt there is power in collective stories,” Rowsell added. “People were rationalising his behaviour, saying [the women] were in a relationship with him – they chose that. And I’m well aware my story is not half as horrendous as others’, but I literally went to work …”

    “I don’t think [Manson] knows the meaning of consent if he goes around upskirting young women.”

    Rowsell added that “people were angry at me for bringing this situation to Twitter instead of sorting it out there and then,” adding: “I agree it shouldn’t have to come to calling out someone’s behaviour online years later. Manson wasn’t reprimanded when I told his team and the festival organisers. It was shrugged off as something he did all the time.

    “He didn’t offer an apology or let me confiscate the camera, and it couldn’t be brought to the police because it wasn’t a criminal offence at the time.”

    The singer added that she believes “some would rather vilify a woman for taking her story public than listen to what she is saying.”

    “You don’t want people to resent women for asking for change because there is a fear of [someone being] cancelled. So while calling stuff out might change behaviour in the future, you want people to learn what is wrong and not just because they fear cancellation. That’s why we need re-education and to diversify industries.”

    Trent Reznor stopped talking to Marilyn Manson back in the late 1990s. He even made a song about his dislike for him called "Starfuckers Inc."

    Warren Beatty Sued for Allegedly Coercing Sex With a Minor in 1973

    — The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) November 9, 2022

    edit to add: just the age to start thinking about how Social Security is not gonna be enough:

    Do note the account there that I am quoting, that's quite some amazing conspiracy they found out about!cheeky


    Well Nicholson & Beatty were quite the pussy hounds during that period (Polanski was minor league comoaritively - oops, i mean...)

    Took 49 years to get the nerve up - she'll be lucky if Beatty's still alive for the finale.

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