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    A Sunny and Summer-y Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



    Here's this week's heap of haikus:




    I’m down on my knees.
    Tell me what I want to hear:
    How ... do ... I ... get ... up?





    At the timberline,
    the earth fell away and the
    sky overwhelmed me.

    a desperate tree
    tried to hold back the clouds, but
    a stormy night prevailed.







    Panoramic sky
    We drive into the future
    chasing after clouds.








    A rusty Ford coupe
    parked in the driveway of a
    two room bungalow.


    (photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)






    the element of surprise
    and joy will wither.






    (Forgot to include this in last week's heap ... )


    tanka haiku:

    I do not care that
    Snoopy is, in dog years, o'er
    four hund'red years old.

    He will always be the dog
    that other dogs hope to be.

    (Photo of a young MrSmith1 holding a Charlie Brown and Snoopy Action Figures ... Not dolls, action figures!)





    When poets can twirl
    literary lariats,
    they're soon laureates.







    double haiku:


    Rain on long-parched ground
    the desperate earth absorbs
    the precious liquid

    Each descending drop,
    restores a little more hope
    our drought is over.








    Worcester, where what was
    worse, was when wasted water
    weighted wet waiters.








    A careful dipping
    of the brush, will ensure a
    steady flow of ink.






    Driving blue highways,
    seeking out less traveled realms,
    small town life endures.








    of Life's complexities makes
    easy answers hard.







    She entered, wearing
    a sweatshirt and dungarees
    and left him breathless







    She used her giggle
    to attract young men, and her
    wiggle to keep them.










    Quietly, the dusk
    soothes the ocean waters and
    calms the day for night.










    There's a Summer place,
    near a secluded beach ... I
    spend hot nights with you.









    Sweeping 'cross the sky
    lost souls in search of heaven
    as daylight retreats.









    As the night draws nigh
    chickens roost and dogs bark at
    approaching shadows.










     Double haiku:

    My walk tired me,
    I rested under a tree,
    my thoughts wandering.
    Alas, wandering
    thoughts seldom sleep. In fact. they,
    often run ahead.











    Never doubt your place
    in this, the grand scheme of things.
    You're meant to be here.









    Still a bit nonplussed,
    Your perfume on someone else ...
    Nasal betrayal,









    Dear Philo Farnsworth
    Thank you for Television
    But NOT Donald Trump!



    ( Happy would-have-been 110th Birthday, Philo T. Farnsworth! )







    He sits all day and
    sketches girls wearing tube-tops ...
    the midway artist.











    Medals and flowers
    Then booze after-hours ... Caught in
    a lie ... You won't fly.









    Our hearts may forget
    their most crushing defeats but
    none of their triumphs.








    Shattering silence,
    The car horns' cacophony,
    Wakened my neighbors







    With a loving arm
    and a kind word, a mom saves
    an uncertain youth



    (Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)







    triple haiku:


    I will not admit
    I ever held you, but now
    I'm letting you go.

    Feeling you against
    me, got me through the night. but
    now the morning's come.

    We may never meet
    in the flurry of the years,
    but you'll stay with me.










    The dark before dawn;
    lonely hearts beat quicker in






    Tell me your secrets
    and my heart will be yours.  True
    love will last forever.








    Angels still sing as
    we carry on with our lives.
    (They’re paid a flat rate.)








     “Haberdasher’s Hi-jinks!”
    “Picnics in Cluttered Canoes”
    ...  Closed out of town.)






    A freshly waxed floor,
    an over-eager puppy …
    cue hilarity








    double haiku:

    Ah, the Brooklyn Bridge.
    This iconic span defines
    grace and elegance.

    Like giant harps that
    span the river Jordan, the
    bridge's cables loom.








    tanka haiku:


    From her widow's walk,
    she gazed at the horizon,
    hoping to catch sight

    of sails from her husband's ship
    returning from its voyage.







    While you sleep at night,
    miracles tiptoe past you.
    If only you’d wake.








    Eating blackberries
    on a Summer’s afternoon
    makes me feel care-free.









    When your heart is full,
    be generous, When bereft,
    be understanding.








    A starry night, wind
    rustles the dandelions.  
    We cautiously kiss.







    tanka haiku + haiku:


    Has it all been said?
    Do we just repeat words which
    have lost all meaning?

       Does the subtlety of one's
       inflection change anything?

    Does memory loss
    bless one's creativity?
    Maybe ... I forget.







     Implausible schemes
     might come to fruition ... if
     the timing is right.





    bonus poem:


    On having a chronic illness:


    What do you do each day to say, I am still and ever me?
    To plant your flag and tell the world that what you are, you'll be,
    To state emphatically that you'll remain the person that you've been,
    For though your path is shifting, the tides still go out and in,
    You are the same now as you were, it's just a diff'rent game,
    The wrapping may be 'brand new' but the content is the same.










    It's suppertime here

    Chubby cats cluster near me

    Trying to look starved.

    Good one, Janicket!!


    When I had a cat,
    Breakfast was at dawn; I'd wake
    to a silly cat

    wandering around with a
    box of Cat Chow on its head.


    I wake up slowly

    Face:  cat whiskers tickle; hand:

    Rubbed against, then nipped:



    Ha!  The universal cat experience! 


    DerFarm!  A name to

    Conjure with -- conjure good thoughts

    Of good exchanges


    Wise observations

    Sensible commentary

    Amid foolishness


    When will sanity

    Return to the frog pond?  Sigh....

    It can't come too soon.

    The question rises,
    what is it they're selling, for
    you have bought derfarm.


    (Just a Joke-ku. no personal slight intended.)

    LOL! No offense felt

    Nor do I think he will mind

    I do enjoy puns


    It is fun to find

    A friend from another blog

    Showing up again


    And so like-minded

    Cyber buddies connect

    Across the e-world.

    We are a fierce tribe,
    good at wielding sharp weapons.
    Oh wait, so is yours.

    I propose we meet sometimes
    to find out who is on top.

    Never forget that

    Cats are pointy on five ends

    Tread accordingly.

    Ha! Good one, Janicket!

    I tread warily
    I wear readily, I swear
    without reticence
       or a hope for tomorrow
       but that's neither here nor there.


    Cats may be pointy,
    but a Priest is anointy
    so things even out.





    I tread warily ...

    with an eye to the weary

    treading beside me.

      Though we share a common bond,

      our ties are layered and old.


    Excellent, Missy!!


    A nod to the brave
    and an eye to the weary
    my knee to the ground

        I kneel to renew my vow
        that my children shall know peace



    Excellent, moat!!


    We invented fierce.
    We will accept your challenge!
    Sharpen the weapons!!

        Ummm ... it is kind of hot out.
        and the dark clouds ... it might rain.

    I hate when leather
    gets real wet, you know?  Can we
    talk things out ... Fiercely?

    My heart is tender;

    easily torn by anger.

    Oh wait, so is yours.


    Our hearts are tender
    Our determination, tough ...
    All tears shed are wet.




    Another day of

    Brilliant sunshine, cloudless skies

    The drought is spreading.

    Good one, Janicket!


    Another day of
    endless infomercials where
    football ought to be.

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