Halloween policing. (All sides do it now!)

    Texas homeowners association demands removal of one neighbor’s Halloween decoration: pole-dancing skeletons that were “offensively positioned.”https://t.co/6nCEZGjB0s pic.twitter.com/yQSi6tApxK

    — Jim Roberts (@nycjim) October 31, 2020


    She has 30 days to remove HALLOWEEN decorations.

    I would frame the letter 

    I'm going as a Native American in blackface wearing a hijab this Halloween.

    Don't forget, open plains, open carry. "Suck on *this* peace pipe, ya bunch of pale skin crackers!"

    Cisgender female or trans lesbian? You didn't say.

    The Burberry plaid scarf is the crowning touch here:

    Japan's mundane Halloween costume tradition persists

    In Japan, the #地味ハロウィン (translation: #MundaneHalloween) tradition has people coming up with very clever costumes of all-too-familiar situations and people. Artist @TAGASAINGtranslated some of this year's examples.

    Trump inspired by Halloween: imbraces alien vote for first time, hones backup exit strategy tentatively titled "Plan B from Outer Space"

    This year: Kanye gets to do white face and nobody complains.cheeky

    Kanye West Debuts Bold Hair Transformation After Going Incognito in Halloween-Ready Mask https://t.co/x70oQg9yz7

    — E! News (@enews) October 19, 2021

    Not that it bothers me any more than his normal face, just made me realize the reality: he is CREEPY.  All the time, everything he does.Creepy, that's the word I was looking for! Genuinely creepy. What is wrong with people who are fans? Why do they like creepy the whole year long, year after year?

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