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    Diane Nash: Still Fighting


    Diane Nash

    I often need to be reminded of this!

    In an era where the left seems more occupied with being right about their technocratic arguments than engaging meaningful causes related to life and death, it was refreshing to travel from my little corner of the Confederacy amid the throngs of Confederate flags and Trump Minions to meet someone who risked it all. Diane Nash's humility was the only thing that topped her quick wit and intellect. She wrote her will at 19! To put that in context, most of the new left (some twice her age then) won't stand up to their boss and ask for a raise. The new left expects people to follow them into battles over the environment or trade deals,but then turn their back when it comes time to address police brutality and our fraudulent criminal justice system.

    The new left has a secular savior complex for Bernie Sanders that's rooted in folklore; one time he chained himself to a little black girl, and yes (for the 1,000,000 time) I know Hillary was a Goldwater girl: I never thought she was any better than the rest of what passes for Democratic leadership these days. The real leaders of the Civil Rights Movement didn't check out once they got their degrees. They understood that graduation was just a new beginning and not the end of a phase. Most of Bernie's followers have probably never heard the name Diane Nash; she, like many of the women in that movement, was overshadowed by their male counterparts: even the ones who were revolutionaries for a season. I did a brief story about her trip to Washington and Lee University for the radio station,  If anyone is interested here's my intro and a link to the audio.

    Almost 60 years after embarking on a mission to end segregation at lunch counters in Tennessee, Diane Nash is still fighting to end systems of discrimination and oppression. I had the distinct honor of hearing her speak at the Lenfest Center for the Arts on the campus of Washington and Lee University. She talked about her personal philosophy and commitment to justice. I recorded several portions of her talk for a news story about the event. She's a remarkable woman and an American treasure. The women of the Civil Rights Movement have been largely overshadowed by their male contemporaries, but they made sacrifices most of us can't imagine. Diane Nash spent 30 days in jail while she was pregnant with her first child. Her crime: contributing to the delinquency of minors; she encouraged black and white kids to sit beside each other on school buses.

    This story is just a brief snippet of a life well lived. I encourage anyone taking time out of their day to engage this post to do more research on this phenomenal woman!





    In the midst of the John Lewis so-called controversy, Diane Nash refused to march in Selma in 2015 because GW Bush was marching. She remains a fighter.


    ​We need to read the stories of the Brave souls of the Civil Rights era. We need to recapture their fire.

    Meeting her was an amazing experience. She survived so much. Not only did she risk her life, but she buried friends close to her. The women of that movement have had their sacrifices usurped by joy riders to the movement.

    Danny I love you but I don't get the Bernie Sanders criticism.  Talk about a fighter.  Throughout his life, Bernie's always fought for the people and against oppressive systems.  To the extent that your claim that his supporters view him as a savior is true, it certainly isn't Bernie's fault.  He has always said he cannot do it alone.  In any case, I never got the sense that we Bernie Bros and Sisses  thought of Bernie as a savior.  We saw him as easily the most honest candidate and the only progressive with a shot to win.  That's why we backed him.  I can't speak for others but I criticized Bernie's stance on guns and for refusing to release his tax returns.

    She sounds like an amazing person.  I will read more about her.  The title of this piece is confusing to me, because it is people who make policy; it is people who are prejudiced and who spread prejudice generationally and otherwise.  Systems are created by people.  I can't let off the GOP asses who are so selfish that they only care about military spending at the expense of helping the millions of people who need a leg up and health care as well.

    I guess even Diane may not totally agree with the quote since she refused to march because George Bush would be there.  I totally get that.  It is why I will not watch the Inauguration.

    I agree. She gave some context to her quote. She talked about the preciousness of every person and the need to separate the actions of the person from the person. I don't have that kind of resolve, but she seemed sincere about not hating people.


    If you get a chance listen to the brief audio I uploaded. She has wisdom in her words and voice.

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