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    Glenn Beck's farewell, Kloppenburg's win cover Twitter in layer of Liberal goo

    TWITTER - Twitter users of all political stripes were covered in a layer of Liberal goo on the site today, as Liberals from throughout the United States simultaneously exploded and gooified the joint following the rapid-fire news that Glenn Beck was leaving his Fox News program and that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice nominee JoAnne Kloppenburg had beaten incumbent Justice David Prosser.

    "SPLAT!☺" wrote Twitter User @LynCKos.

    Many liberals cheered the efforts of Twitter User @StopBeck, whose has waged a relentless battle against Beck, helping to make the show unsponsorable. Some have take to calling today the "Glennpocalypse."

    But while liberals celebrated, Republicans continued to plot doom for humanity.

    "Any Reduction In Size Of Government Takes Away Power Of Democrat Party To Enslave The People," said Rush Limbaugh.

    Liberal Goo can be removed from clothing with baking powder and a strong detergent, though burning of clothing is advised. Shower following prolonged exposure. Symptoms of overexposure include: Smugness, an overall sense of self-worth, rare feelings of "happiness."


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    From what I understand, the book Blowing Smoke, also played a huge role in Beck's ouster.

    Huzzah, I say, huzzah.

    But while liberals celebrated, Republicans continued to plot doom for humanity.

    You can say that again!

    That's baking soda, Wolfrum.  If you add baking powder to Liberal Goo, you'll get pancakes. Tongue out

    Who is the Goo expert around here, I ask you??

    Liberal goo contains no fructose, however, just naturally sweet revenge.

    And is best served cold. Covered with Canadian maple syrup, served hot.

    Americans buy local: Vermont Maine & New York Maple Syrup

    You must have missed: "Welfare makes African-Americans rut like rabbits" by the issues guy from the American Family Association and

    "Bristol Palin paid $262K by Abstinence Porgram" and

    "Wasserman-Schultz named DNC Chair" ---  Oh, wait; that's not supposed to be funny; sorry.

    Bristol Palin paid $262K by Abstinence Pogrom for being Poster Slut.

    Conclusion: GOP Welfare Mothers are better paid.

    Wasserman Schultz seems to be the best Blue Dog enabler around, so I guess she deserved the job. http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2010/10/republicans-and-blue-dogs-plotting-to.html

    Taken together, I'd say it'd be cheaper and safer to put Bristol Palin in the DNC Chair and Wasserman-Schultz on welfare. And if I can figure out who deserves to go to the Chair the most, I'll let you know - it's a tough call, kind of a new contender every week.

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