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    The One where Cal Thomas, Judith Miller and James Pinkington admit they are paid Hackensteins

    Picking on Fox News stopped being fun a long time ago. It's a right-wing propaganda station, period. Hell, books have been written on the subject.

    But I do admit to enjoying seeing when Fox News "journalists" so plainly admit that they are hacks and paid shills. Like in this off-camera moment from this weekends Fox Show "News Watch," which did handstands to avoid mentioning Rupert Murdoch and News Corps crimes in the UK:


    CAL THOMAS: Anybody want to bring up the subject we're not talking about today for the -- for the [online] streamers?

    JAMES PINKERTON: Sure. Go ahead, Cal!

    THOMAS: No, go ahead, Jim.


    THOMAS: I'm not going to touch it.

    JUDY MILLER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): With a ten foot [inaudible].

    Don't get me wrong, we all knew they were non-journalist hackensteins. It's just fun to watch them giggle while admitting it.





    The current link is to the UK Telegraph, I think the one you want is:


    I meant to have that l;ink but forgot to put the Crooks & Liars link in. Thanks.

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