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    Reggie Bush, a fire, and Twitter

    Here we have a short tale on Twitter of how professional NFL Player Reggie Bush handles a fire at his neighbor’s house.

    Reggie Bush - @reggie_bush

    Damn my neighbors house is on fire!!!!! Whoa!!

    about 1 hour ago 

    Brand new house he couldn’t have been living in it more than a month! This is crazy!!!!

    about 1 hour ago 

    I’ll tweet pics tomorrow too dark to tweet now

    32 minutes ago

    My response?

    Wolfrum - @Wolfrum

    Walter Payton would have put out the fire in the time it took you to Tweet RT @reggie_bush Damn my neighbors house is on fire!!!!! Whoa!!!



    This reminded me of what happened to Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Discordant social phenomena.

    Presumably we're talking mansions, and he found out the house was on fire when fire trucks showed up. Should he have grabbed a pail and headed over to help?

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