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    Stop Panicking About Ebola

    Hi. I'm at Logan Airport in Boston. Unfortunately, CNN is on in the departure lounge. They are raving (indeed, nearly foaming at the mouth) about Ebola.

    And it seems, according to CNN, that the CDC has quarantined a plane from Liberia (oops, my bad: Dubai) where some passengers have fallen ill. They have quarantined that plane here at, well, Boston's Logan Airport.

    Should you be worried about Ebola? Let's put it this way: should I be worried about Ebola? No, and no.

    There may be active patients elsewhere in the airport where I am sitting. I am in no danger. And unless you're actively nursing an infected victim, neither are you. Now, STOP WORRYING ABOUT EBOLA.

    Seriously. Worry about texting and driving, because that is much more likely to kill you. Ebola is a genuine medical problem and it requires a response, but people sitting safely in the United States should not be freaking out about it. Really. Really, really. This has been a message from the real world, Boston Logan Airport division. Thanks.



    CNN would not get the ratings it has and the money that brings if it didn't have an end of world crisis going on nonstop, a new one every week.

    Man, you're in an airport?  Aren't you afraid a missing Malaysian jetliner might fall on you?


    I agree.  We have an out break in half the states of a vicious enterovirus and it is being ignored by the media that is effecting kids.   It started in August and it is just now being reported in hit and miss segments on the news. To get a good article on it to post I had to pick one from Canada. That says a lot about the poor quality of 24 hour news networks.  I originally became aware of this off of science blogs in late August but that would have been too technical for posting here. 

    We have far worse epidemics of flu and enterovirus in this country that kills then we will see with Ebola.  

    This is going viral on the web.  It is only being shown in key battle ground states.  If the right leaning media is scarring up the population on this, the Liberals are throwing it back at the Conservatives for cutting CDC budgets.



    Great video. Wouldn't have seen it as I don't watch broadcast or cable TV, thanks

    What ever happened to the idea of priorities?  

    Department of Health and Human Services

    • Established: 1953
    • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is perhaps the most far-reaching of the executive departments. It administers Social Security, which provides income to retirees and the disabled, and funds Medicare, a health-insurance program for persons over 65 years of age, and Medicaid, which helps states pay for medical care for the poor. Other HHS agencies offer social services for poor families, Native Americans, children, the elderly, migrants, refugees, and the handicapped. Other agencies under HHS are: the Public Health Service, which oversees institutes dealing with mental health and substance abuse; the Centers for Disease Control, which work to control preventable and infectious diseases; the National Institutes of Health, which conduct research on cancer, AIDS, child health and aging, and other issues; and the Food and Drug Administration, which ensures the safety of the nation's food supply and tests and approves all drugs.

    More for Ebola research or food stamps?  What percentage should be allocated for all the programs under the Department of Health and Human Services?

    Money really doesn't grow on trees. 

    USA Debt Real Time US National Debt Clock

    I think I'll only worry if I have to go to Texas, it's a cesspool down there.

    But yeah, they are still talking about it, I am just about to change the channel. CNN will not stop until Fox stops. Welp, I think we are out of luck on that one.

    Oh, look. None of the passengers taken off that plane at Logan have Ebola. Who'd a thunk?

    Another “Kill the messenger” scenario?  Those in powerful positions want to Kill the Message  

    The powerful lobby of the” Open Borders” crowd, such as the "National Council of La Raza". and other ethnic lobbying groups. who benefits if the MSM only discusses  Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, because it takes the light/heat off of an issue, they don't want negative press; for fear it would again redirect undue attention and raise our southern border insecurity, as an election issue, undermining their attempts, to force Obama to address their issues.

    It would show how illogical the Democrats have been, in  leaving our southern border  insufficiently and inadequately defended;  because  they have pandered for the southern ethnic group, the Latino voters, as does La Raza; putting the undocumented above protecting Americans.   

    We don’t know who is coming across and we don’t know what they are bringing with them. Are Immigrant Kids Spreading Enterovirus (EV-D68)?


    Probably; but the report is not making a determination, that the rumor is necessarily untrue? 

    Depending on how the facts can be twisted or skewed; by those with an agenda. 

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