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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Boobie Wednesday

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    Part of having a recurring blog called “William K. Wolfrum’s Morning” means that some mornings William K. Wolfrum will be busier than normal. This is one of those mornings, as I’ll be taking in my 7-year-old Australian Shepherd, Duchess will be undergoing a mastectomy today as a preventative measure against breast cancer.

    While this promises to be a long day for Duchess, she will soon recover and will be home tonight. Such is often not the case for humans with breast cancer. So, in lieu of today’s morning, let me give some props to the fine ladies at Boobie Wednesday (NSFW), who have turned Twitter into a giant boobacopia every Hump Day to help inform people about Breast Cancer.

    From the Boobie Wednesday Web Site:

    3 Very busy women that have set out to raise breast cancer awareness. We Use Wednesdays on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace to remind men and women to self exam. Viva la Boobie Wednesday.. Dont be scared, be self aware and self exam monthly. #boobiewed #earlydetection #kickcancer

    These ladies are definitely not scared, and – along with a growing list of followers – have made Wednesday a day of cleavage and information in their efforts to to encourage early breast cancer detection. You can follow them on Twitter at @BoobieWed.

    October is National Breasts Cancer Awareness Month. a big thank you to the ladies at Boobie Wednesday for going above and beyond in doing their part.

    Boobie Wednesday

    Now, leave some links and comments below and we’ll get this hump day started.


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    Promoting breast cancer awareness is very near and dear to my heart, Wolfrum...in more ways than one. ha.  A two ta-ta salute to the ladies at boobiewednesday dot com.

    A link, as requested...

    I signed up with the Love/Avon Army of Women a couple of years ago.  It's an effort to get a base group of women together who are willing to participate in the various breast cancer research projects being conducted around the country.

    And, from my personal stash...a link to a blog entry I wrote last October explaining in a long, drawn out way, why breast cancer awareness is on my personal radar.


    And hopefully, Duchess has an easy day of it.

    All is well with Duchess as of last report :)


    And thank you and thanks for the links. I'm working on something bigger as this is National Cancer Awareness month, and my Mom died of Leukemia after beating Ovarian cancer. Also, her birthday is tomorrow, actually.  So thank you :)

    Hope Duchess will come through with her dignity intact.  That's important, too.  Thanks for posting on an otherwise busy day.  This is important, as I saw something the other day suggesting that pink ribbons and awareness measures don't do much good.  I think they're just so wrong.  This is how you keep an issue as important as this alive and keep the people in power on their toes.

    Breast cancer has killed four women in my life, and severely inconvenienced many others.  The death rates are thankfully low now, and I can't help but believe that awareness had much to do with the surge for a cure. 

     I remember the days when we couldn't even say "breast" out loud.  We've come a long way, but there's still a long way to go, and I'm heartened by every pink ribbon, every "Run for Life", every attempt to draw attention to a disease that once was a death sentence for every woman who ever contracted it.  Now with early intervention lives are saved.  I'm so sorry about your mom, and I'm so sorry about the women I've lost, but all the more reason to fight for this cause.  They would have hoped for nothing less.

    Ta tas for now.

    And here I was afraid to use a revealing photo for my human sexuality blog!

    Meanwhile, let's not forget that up to 10% (figures vary) of cases are breast cancer in males. 

    Good dog; heal quickly.

    Good morning and a happy #boobiewed to you. I'm honored that you chose my picture for your article.

    I gladly support Breast Cancer Awareness each week by changing my avi on twitter to show my cleavage. The BoobieWednesday crew are incredible women and I am happy to be able to help them spread awareness and information to the masses.

    This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Look for these additional hashtags on twitter from @boobiewed and others: #tatatober and #knockertober


    Thanks and please follow me on twitter!




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