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    Glenn Beck, the Jew, and the Puppet Show

    Creepy medieval puppets hung from the ceiling on the set of the "Glenn Beck Program" -- a conquistador, a squire, a witch, and a bearded guy who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and the Fiddler on the Roof.

    "Make no mistake, we are watching a show," Beck gravely told his audience. That much was obvious enough, but Beck did not mean his own television program. "You have to see who's behind the puppets," he continued, "Who is choosing the puppets and the players? Who's the puppetmaster? George Soros."

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    You left out a-lot of information on GlennBecks Broadcast so I would say you are commenting on something you didn't even watch...So you might want to put a link up to the show..That way your educated readers could make up their own minds. Be part of the solution not the problem Mike!!

    An educated reader couldn't watch Beck for five minutes. We have our designated watchers. That way all the rest of us don't have to throw up all night long. 

    Amen! Anyone normal or sane would have to turn him off after about 5 mins!

    Make that 45 seconds.

    And here is a handy demonstration of Mike's "persecution politics" model:

    Mike Wolraich calls out a public figure for libelous anti-Semitic smears. Mike (not verified) from the internet claims that this is a persecution of the anti-Semite. Because the worst thing you can do is call someone an anti-Semite. How do you know they didn't mean "evil shadowy Jewish puppetmaster" is the good way?

    Note also the all-too-common use of negative evidence (or what we laymen like to call "no evidence") to make totally unfounded claims easy. Since Mike did not reproduce all of Beck's two-part diatribe, Mike (not verified) decides that there's no proof that Mike Wolraich watched Beck's show. (The only thing that would be satisfying "proof," of course, would be long, long stretches of unchallenged Beck, by which Beck's libelous comments could spread.) Then, Mike (n.v.) switches it around by purporting that the lack of "enough" Beck citations is proof that Mike Wolraich didn't watch the show!

    Let me try the same logic on for size: since Mike (not verified) did not quote the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence OR the Bible in his comment, I would say he hasn't read any of those important works, and is not really an American at all. See how that trick works?

    It's good they're both named "Mike" though.

    I think they could be friends. 

    They just need more time together.

    Oh, and Mike? Lighten up.

    Are we at the point yet where ideologically conservative and neo-conservative Jews have begun to sweat a little at finding themselves alongside unhinged hate-mongers like Beck and Palin?

    Seriously. It's one thing to hang with old-style bigots, where at least you knew who they hated, and how serious they were about it.

    But these new-style ass-clowns are willing to say anything and do anyone. They're a whole new type of dangerous. 

    P.S. Blowing Smoke's gone GLOBAL. Picked it up in Toronto today. I'd recommend a sticker on the FRONT of the book though, using the phrase that presently headlines the inner jacket - "Has America lost its marbles?" Congrats. 

    P.P.S. Didn't have it in stock here in Geneva, but I did my part by bitching to the man who seemed in charge of stocking shelves. Anyway, I finally just got the Kindle version on Amazon, and among my 'people who bought this book also bought...' recommendations, I now get ... diapers. not sure if Genghis has cornered the 'young mothers' market thanks to those rugged good looks, or whether people are merely looking for a convenient solution to constantly pissing themselves.


    Reading many of the comments on the piece makes one understand why the Republicans never try to do a damn thing for their voting 'base' or the country. 

    If a clownish charlatan like Beck can work the 'base' up to such a froth with his lies and transparently phony umbrage, there is little need to fix the country or the government, or end a war.  All the GOP must do to brainwash and control the amnesiac zombies of 'the base' is feed them 30 sec. attack ads before elections, and a steady stream of fibs, falsehoods and fabrications. Oh, and, I almost forgot, let them have guns, anywhere, anytime, as long as they don't bring them in to a Republican political event.

    Sounds like an accurate summation of what we have just been through over the past few weeks (election). Now, what the Hell are we going to do about this situation to turn it around!?

    I think I've got "Glenn Beck Fatigue." 


    Take two gold Krugerands and call him in the morning.

    Overpay for two gold coins and then call him!

      ;o)  I've got Krugerand fatigue!

    Oh you smug, tittering, fools! Not gold, it's SEEDS! Seeds, I say, that will be the barterer's prize, come the apocalypse. GOLD? GOLD? Can you eat gold?

    Just  questions for you.

    Can you dispute and prove that all that Glen Beck showed is false?

    Can you list your sources to prove mr. Beck is a liar and slanderer?

    If you cannot prove Mr. Beck is a liar and has commited slander against Mr. Soros

    then sir you owe Mr. Beck an apology along with all that have read your blog.

    Many of us realize what Mr. Soros is and what his intentions are.

    The man is an enemy of the U.S. along with those who standby him and except his money

    to bring this nation down.  

    The american people have been made aware of all who support Mr. Soros's agenda

    he will fail..

    Can you support Beck's claims by pointing to some evidence that Mr. Soros is the puppetmaster?

    Have you ever read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

    Was Mr. Soros handling Mr. Bush when his people ran up the deficit and funneled money to his home boys?

    Once you explain things by conspiracy, it better tie everything together and leave nothing out.


    But didn't I see Soros at Area 51?

    Read'em? Bernie can RECITE the protocols! Backwards! In Hebrew! Which will conjure up the spirit of Rasputin--It's a beautiful thing...

    C'mon, Stardust, is this a joke?

    Er...which joke, Oxy?

    You, masquerading as a hamster-wheel troll.

    By the way, if you can, please embed Catherine Tate's "I'm not drunk enough" from You Tube. It's akin to how drunk I would have to be to watch Beck.

    You are right on.....Soros is a bad guy who is pushing for bad things to happen to the U.S.....and it has nothing to do with his ethnic/racial background!!!

    I learned in 2002 to never underestimate the ability of the propogandists like Beck and Rove to influence an ignorant electorate with the most counter-intuitive claptrap one could imagine. That was the year Max Cleland was defeated as an incumbent Senator in Georgia. The VietNam era veteran amputee was successfully painted as a pacifist coward, and the Georgia electorate bought it.

    Of course, there's a good case to be made that black box voting might just have had a little something to do with the outcome as well. But that's a whole other story, one which remains unaddressed to this day and dangerously kept below the radar.

    Apparently people in this country will believe anything as long as you tell it often enough and loud enough.

    Oddly enough, Beck has asked anyone interested to double check the facts for themselves.  So Beck's  main main points were that Soros donates money to and controls numerous left wing political action groups.  That Soros has profited greatly by the failed currency of several countries.  That Soros has bet big on the failure of the American dollar.


    It appears that this is true.

    You forgot a couple other "connect the dots" points:

    • Soros had grapefruit for breakfast, and
    • Soros wears a size 9-and-a-half shoe

    My point, of course, is that you (and Beck) imply that there is some sort of wild conspiracy afoot, and then toss around random "facts" (verified or otherwise) in a sort of wild play of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's irresponsible and dangerous, but it makes for good TV ratings attracting those who are too ignorant to understand they are being played for suckers.

    You omitted two important facts, Sleepin,  the grapefruit was PINK and the size 9 and a half shoes are the same size as worn by ... (wait for it) ... HITLER!

    You also know you're on the right path when trolls magically appear.


    I had grapefruit  for breakfast as well.. plus I am the real puppet master, because if anyone knows anything, it is that the Irish control the world..... wooohooooo.....

    God Glenn Beck's followers are just as clownish as he is aren't they Sleepin!

    9 1/2 shoes...9 1/2 weeks....Kim Basinger....(mmmm).....Mickey Rourke ...(eeeww)....Mr. Roarke....(huh),,,,,Fantasy Island.....Fantasy....Hey! we're back to Kim Basinger...(mmm)

    Michael who?  I think CNN got Genghis mixed up with some other dude.  

    What blazing dickhead thought it would be a good idea for your raving idiocies (though this is one that is quasi-rational) to be posted on CNN? 


    Who did you inherit money from?  Or is it simply your skills at fellatio/foot-kissing that got you posted there?

    He's the one who was invited and paid to write for CNN. Jealous much?Cry Where have you been published lately? And who has shown himself to be the real blazing dickhead here?Cool

    Why do right wingers like you always have repressed sexual fantasies? Interesting though, until I read your foot-fetish comments I thought Beck's foot was in his own mouth.

    I really think criticism of Genghis is out of line here. If to further his legitimate ambitions he has taken the huge trouble of creating Dagblog and getting as many amusing bloggers as he can find to give him protective covering, it is idiotic to criticize him for it. If he is successful, so much the better, this way we all get read by more people.

    The best of luck to Genghis. His luck is my luck too.

    He's a published author and self-made man.  Other people's successes bother you much?

    Read your piece in its entirety on CNN. EXCELLENT! You've written a terrific summation of this whole horrendous situation. I am going to forward it to LIB radio talk show hosts and post Twitter links to it etc to take it Viral. Beck is taking this nonsense to a very dangerous level again. We already know what happens when he does--remember that whacko that was stopped in Oakland by the CHP in a 30 min. long gun battle on his way to the Tides foundation with a truck full of high powered weaponry and bombs who said that Beck was his inspiration? Beck is an evil Madman who does this purely to pad his pockets to the tune of $32 mil/yr. He has admitted this when he said, "I am purely an entertainer--I don't give an damn about politics". I am an Agnostic but if I were a believer, I would say he is possessed by a dark entity.  With his family history of suicide and his personal history of drug and alcohol abuse, one would have expected him to have self destructed before now. It is only a matter of time before Beck meets a bad end by his own hand or devices. Until then, sunlight is the best disinfectant for this evil monster!

    Glenn Beck, the Jew, and the Puppet Show

    Anyone, including the author of this biased essay, who view George Soros favorably are -- just plain naive! (or devout socialists)...

    You might very well be right. I really don't know.

    But it's important to note that the theme of the essay really isn't about Soros. It's about Glen Beck. And I know for damned sure that anyone who would offer Beck and his paranoid rants any degree of credibility is just about as crazy as HE is! I swear, he usually looks and sounds like he's broadcasting direct from the asylum.

    That's not bias. That's pure observation.

    I know Mr. Soros.  Not well, but we've met a few times and have had some very nice discussions.  He's not socialist.  He's an actual billionaire and a self-made one, at that.  He's a far more effective capitalist than the right wingers who hurl the S word at him.  He's also a very serious intellectual.  I think he might be a bit beyond you, frankly.

    "Flirting" with Murdoch (in bed with?) and other American right wing "friends of Israel"... AIPAC, Foxman etc should have learned the old Spanish adage, "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas".

    Murdoch and his creature Beck are nature's classic antisemites. As the US economy stumbles, mired in Wall Street's smoke and mirrors and especially if the price of gas soars because of war in the ME, the lobby will learn how foolish they were to ever make bedfellows of them.

    BEST ever articulation of the "conversative" efforts to foster fear and hatred.  Glenn Beck's "popular" circus act reincarnates just another version of the pure archetype of evil, where the truth becomes untrue and feared.  The smirk on Beck's face says it all ... as he so self-righteously, so wisely, proclaims his sources as worthy of knowing the real truth, the real threat and the real fear.  Hmmmm.  Wasn't it in 1930's Europe that spawned a similar version to justify the killing of millions?  Then there was Cambodia, Darfur, Rwanda, Afganistan, and on and on.  We haven't progressed much, have we.

    So it seems that in your opinion, George Soros is harmless, but Glenn Beck is dangerous.  Let me ask you this question.   Which one is easier for ordinary people on the planet to monitor so they can form an opinion based on the facts of the matter.  Which one openly advocates that you do your own research to find the truth for yourself, and which one spends billions to keep you confused by propaganda and uninformed? 


    Say, what does your research tell you, say, about Rupert Murdock, Beck's boss. Can you get your mind around the fact that there are dozens of hedge funds who have as much or more power than Soros, that you couldn't get within 10 miles of any of them, and that our entire financial system is still so over-leveraged that a random event could bring the whole thing crashing down. You have not done any research on Soros. Rupert Murdock is laughing up his sleeve, knowing that someone out there, like you, will buy a conspiracy theory created by a huckster like Glenn Beck. I hope that you still have time for your frontal lobes to mature, or that you have a good trade in mind. 

    Upon doing the further research proposed by Beck and by william (not verified), imagine my horror to discover Soros wears not one, but TWO size nine-and-a-half shoes! (see my comment above!)

    We're all gonna die! There's a Nazi in my cornflakes, and the voices in my head arise from old replays of Fibber Magee and Molly!

    The Masonic Lodge in town? They aren't flying the flag today, just like they didn't fly it last Dec. 27th. It's a conspiracy, I'm telling you, and it's all supported by dangerous secret messages. Today's the 14th. If you subtract that from 1227 (December 27), what does that give you? Why, that provides an answer of 1213, or December 13! Don't you see it people??? Don't you understand??? We're all going to die!!! And Soros? He's a MASON!!

    (NOTE: I actually know absolutely nothing about Soros being a Mason. um, not very probable, in fact. But it doesn't matter. It fits nicely with the Beck-style narrative, no? So why let reality get in the way?)

    Listen, asshat. I really have no opinion about the merits of the arguments that Soros is harmless or he ain't. There's probably good reason to become better educated about the subject.

    But the post is about Beck and just how all-fired crazy and irresponsible he is in his paranoid, delusional rants. I can understand your reluctance to deal with the topic, given your obvious position as a Beck apologist. But all the diversion in the world can't avoid the fact that Beck is about as stable and substantive as a popcorn fart. 

    Beck will convince his followers to put in 2012 when it say's no entries,

    "Do you know why there's no entries?  because .............


    Actually, in his books Soros stresses the importance of doing your own research (both in life and investments) and maintaining healthy skepticism and humility at all times.  Soros is also quite public about his investment activity and performance, as well as his charitable giving.  The amount of information publicly available on Soros' finances dwarfs what's available about Beck and his money.  I should know -- for a few years I wrote Soros' Forbes 400 profile.

    Listen, I am not defending Glenn Beck in anyway, but George Soros is a horrible person.  To this day, there is little US investment allowed in Thailand due to this actions in the 1990s where he devaluated the Baht by eliminating his holdings in the currency and enlisted others to sell their holdings, then he spun exaggrating stories about the shape of the Thailand economcy.  All of this caused the currency to be so worthless that the country could not longer import food, that literally thousands starved.  Was Soros alone, no, but he certainly did nothing to help.  Soros is a bad man.

    Hey, feel free to throw darts at Beck all you want, but to paint Soros as some "good guy" is simply crazy.

    This comment makes sense. Soros is an easy target in many ways: certainly he is no angel. What has been fun is to see Foxman defending him.

    Genghis, I don't know why I'm wasting my breath on the trolls. They are simply proving your thesis.

    There are several thousand of them raging away over at CNN.com, Oxy. Go get 'em!

    I can't decide which I find the most scary:

    • The ones who tell me that I haven't watched all of Beck's programs because if I did then I would know that he was telling the truth
    • The ones who expose me as a Jew and thus one Soros' devious henchmen
    • The one who encouraged me to use Crest Whitening Strips (The enlarged version of my avatar at CNN shows off my pearly yellows.)

    It seems you may have angered some trolls Genghis, well done, and great article.


    Glenn Beck is merely Murdoch's creature... It is Murdoch you should be investigating, if there is any "massive international conspiracy" it has got Murdoch's fingerprints all over it... and if we want to go another step further in paranoia (only the paranoiacs survive) than we should ask: who is behind Murdoch?

    What is interesting in all of this is that Rupert Murdoch is now moving closely to classic antisemitism. Why is he doing this? Who is he threatening and why? What does he expect to gain by this?

    Now there is a research project for you to cut your teeth on.

    Sure, if I were a liberal version of Glenn Beck. But I'm not.

    I have a lot of complaints about Murdoch but I agree with you -- he's running a business, not a conspiracy.  The best critiques of him exhibit some restraint.

    Beck is Murdoch's bitch. Murdoch's business is power and he has an agenda for sure.

    As you're someone who might be able to claim to be an expert on Beck, I'm curious if you buy this "Beck is Murdoch's bitch" line.  I think it's completely off base- Beck veers wildly away from the right's talking points (unlike Hannity) doesn't make money for FOX News (unlike O'Reilly) and tarnishes the brand (that Chris Wallace spends his time polishing).

    If Beck doesn't make money for Murdoch, veers wildly from the talking points and tarnishes the brand,  but despite all that Murdoch keeps him on and gives him the freedom he gives him, then that proves that he has Murdoch's personal support. What more proof do you need?

    I'd say that it merely means that Murdoch recognizes that firing Beck would alienate his fans and he could end up losing them as viewers.  I think Murdoch probably feels that he's helped to create a monster.

    Hey guys, playing with oneself too much weakens the mind.........cease and desist....get on your game and the bandwagon.........Murdoch loves the Red China economic model......big bro type of a right wing Gov't in bed/ownership of business.  Murdoch love the model and I believe would love to see that model implemented here in the U.S.

    What better way to get it than to appeal to the patriotic element here in the U.S.......I mean there are millions of us here...unlike the left wingers, whose support, consisting of minorities looking for Gov't handouts and favors, illegal aliens looking for amnesty, ex-doped up weak minded college grads and university professors (using the term loosely), can only be considered palid (no, not Palin).

    Any patriotic movement here in the U.S. would tap into megatons of supports and have all the energy in the world needed to give Mudoch & others what they really want......control of everything here.....and that may be the devils bargain that lots of patriots may be willing to sign up to.....a right wing dictatorships of the patriots (which I would not agree with...I want to keep the constitution)!!!  You see THAT may be what Murdoch is in it for.......CONTROL...and he may not care if it's right wing or left wing......and the only wing that could possibly pull it off here in the U.S. would be "old righty"!!!

    Keep plugging gang........gotta keep your eye on the ball.....watching TV too much (or the other thing) WILL weaken your power of analysis!!

    I have to take issue with this statement: "Soros sent his philanthropy homeward, donating $23 million to political action groups during the 2004 election."


    Do you characterize the bankrolling of political action groups as philanthropy when it's done by the Kochs? 

    I don't go much for universal principals in all of this. For me there are "good guys" and "bad guys" among these people. Soros supports good causes with bad money and the Kochs support bad causes with bad money. I prefer Soros.

    I think that what counts as "philanthropy" shouldn't be a subjective judgment determined by one's political orientation.  For example, even people who hate his politics believe that President Carter has engaged in philanthropy.

    FWIW- I'm not a fan of the Kochs or of Soros.  They've all funded causes I dislike.  

    Dave S, thanks for the correction. I should have written "sent his money homeward."

    I'm glad to see you return to dag. I've missed your incisive critiques.

    Genghis' CNN article just made the right hand list on Google News.

    Viva Genghis!

    I don't see it. There's some other AOL article about Beck and Soros.

    Rats. Shoulda captured the screen.

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