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    Islam's Secret Strategy to Destroy America "Exposed"

    For research purposes, I subscribe to a newsletter from the Christian Anti-Discrimination League.

    The organization's title is a deliberate imitation of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. Its stated mission is to combat "anti-Christian defamation, bigotry, and discrimination."

    But its actual mission is very different. The CADL employs a common hate-group tactic by offering a veneer of "anti-discrimination" to rationalize its intolerant objectives. Another example is David Duke's National Association for the Advancement of White People. (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what organization it purports to imitate.)

    I used the word "rationalize" rather than "mask" because groups like the CADL do not deliberately misrepresent their motivations. Dr. Gary Class, president of the CADL, very likely sees himself as a righteous defender of Christian civil rights, as do many of his subscribers. They really believe that they oppose discrimination.

    That belief is not a lie for the general public. It's a delusion--a lie to themselves. It allows them to feel comfortable with their own bigotry by projecting those feelings onto the people they hate. By imagining that they are defending tolerant Christians from intolerant Muslims, for example, they cast themselves as innocent victims rather than predatory bigots.

    If you look, you can see this tactic employed over and over by the right wing, and I have written extensively about it in Blowing Smoke.

    Below the fold, please find the latest newsletter from the so-called Christian Anti-Discrimination League. The subject line is "Islam's Secret Strategy to Destroy America Exposed."


    Dr. Gary Cass

    Dear Konrad,


    This is the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 when on that bright September morning three thousand of our fellow Americans were killed by merciless Muslim terrorists. I remember watching the news in horror as the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Our nation was under attack and I was angry and concerned for my family.


    The cable TV network, the Discovery Channel, has began airing a series of programs about 9/11. It broke my heart to relive the terrible events of that horrific day. One scene was particularly moving. Immediately after the dust had settled on the huge pile of rubble that was the World Trade Center, the only sound you could hear was the mournful chirping, from under the debris, of dozens of emergency transponders that brave NYC Fire Fighters had been wearing on their belts. The rescuers were dead and their fellow fire fighters stood there helplessly.


    My blood boils knowing ten years later this murderous ideology has infiltrated all the way to the White House. At least that's what Muslim leaders say. Tarek Fatah - a self-described devout Muslim Marxist - speaking at Canada's annual "Premier Meeting of the Minds" conference said, "We now recognize that their [the Muslim Brotherhood] infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can't say that."


    The Muslim Brotherhood (or better "Muslim Murder-hood") is an international umbrella organization of Islamic terrorist groups whose hands are red with American blood. Yet the Obama Administration is cooperating with them even while they continue to conspire to kill Americans. This is an outrageous betrayal of the American people.


    We are going to have to face some difficult news about Islam in America in order to know the good news about how we are going to defeat Islam.


    The Good News


    Rest assured, God has given us everything we need to defeat Islam "IF" we have the faith and courage to act.


    Terrorism experts have confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood strategy has changed since 9/11. They are no longer recruiting people to move to the US to attack us. Muslims are now recruiting suicide bombers and terrorists from within the US.


    In fact, the last major attacks and attempted attacks have all come from American born citizens. For Islam to succeed they must be free to radicalize American young people with their poisonous ideology.


    But, God has blessed us with all the resources we need to stop Islam. Just like the Christians in the Book of Acts we have the Holy Spirit's boldness to declare the truth. We also have the First Amendment of the Constitution that guarantees our right to declare that truth.


    Muslim's hate the truth of the gospel and our freedom to declare it and to refute the lies of Islam. Because we love our children and grandchildren we will not be silent. In fact, we pray God will save Muslims as a result of our efforts.


    WHAT'S THE REMEDY?  9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign


    The most devastating weakness of Islam is the truth about its own founder Muhammed. For Islam to grow they must recruit by suppressing the truth about the perverted and vicious things Muhammad did.


    Muhammed participated in cold-blooded murder and unprovoked acts of war and advocated beheading the infidels. Women are horrified when they hear Mohammad raped his nine-year-old "wife." Blacks are stunned to know that Mohammad was a racist, slave trader.


    Islam is built on the assumption that Muhammed is "Perfect Man" and faithful Muslims are to follow his example. So, we shouldn't be surprised Muslims murder innocent people, abuse and oppress women and enslave blacks to this day.


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    To get these important facts about Muhammed and Islam to our most vulnerable youth, we are launching the "9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign." We have identified some of the most radical mosques in America. Then, by using our precious First Amendment freedom, we will peacefully bring the truth to the High Schools closest to these mosques.


    When we distribute our literature to the students it forces the schools to address the truth about how Muhammed murdered innocent people and sexually assaulted little girls and enslaved blacks. The press will be invited, too. We will demand that our schools start telling the truth about Islam. When we're done, we will have significantly destroyed Islam's ability to recruit America's next generation with their lies.



    The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam
    The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    By the grace of God, and with your faithful prayers, we will confront the lie of Islam head on. Pray that God will use us to awaken the entire nation and help America face the truth about the Islamic threat at home before it is too late.


    After you pray, please ask the Lord what you can do to help us financially with this critical effort. We are spending multiplied thousands of dollars to defend our students and we really need to hear from you by September 11.


    Help us deny Islam a foothold in our communities. By God's grace, and with your support, we will keep the next generation from being recruited by Muslims. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us!


    The cost for one High School event is $1,200. That includes promotion, press releases, travel, printing, logistics, overhead, etc. Pray about becoming either a Lead Sponsor by making a one-time donation of $1,200 or become a $100 monthly supporter, or, be a Co-Sponsor with a gift $25, $50, or $100.


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    Now the Bad News (Very Bad)


    I'm going to hazard telling you what our politicians, the liberal media, and the politically correct education establishment won't. Then you will see what's truly at stake if we don't stop the Islamic juggernaut in America now.


    The Four Stages of Muslim Aggression*


    STAGE 1: THE SETTELMENT STAGE (1 to 2% of the population)


    Muslims begin moving to America in increasing numbers and immediately the cultural conflicts become visible, though often subtle.

    • Appeal for tolerance by portraying Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims.
    • High Muslim birth rates through stealth polygamy, up to 20 children per Muslim man
    • Mosques quietly spread Islam and hatred of America.
    • Recruit prisoners and poor young men in ethnic neighborhoods.
    • Calls to criminalize criticism of Islam and make "Islamophobia" a hate crime.
    • Threaten legal actions for discrimination.
    • Offers of "interfaith dialogue" to indoctrinate non-Muslims.
    • Establishment and recruitment of terrorist cells.


    Does this sound familiar? Anyone current with the news will know that Muslims are well down the road of their settlement stage. Islam's stated goal is to destroy our national sovereignty and replace it with the global Islam. There is no equality or liberty in Islam. Muslim men are considered superior to all others, therefore afforded with special rights and privileges over women and non-Muslims. Islam is an unlawful, seditious religion that foments treason and is utterly incompatible with the American Constitution.


    Jesus tells us, "You can't serve two masters." He's absolutely right. You can't be both a Muslim and an American. Muslims must either renounce Islam and embrace American values or take their oppressive, violent and perverted values back to the Middle East.


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    STAGE 2:  THE CONSOLIDATION OF POWER (3 to 5% of the population)


    Muslim immigrants and converts increase their demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts.

    • Revisionist efforts to "sugar coat" Islam's vicious history in the public schools.
    • Increased anti-American propaganda and psychological warfare.
    • Recruitment of allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists, etc).
    • Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.
    • Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund terrorism.
    • Infiltrate institutions; schools, universities, the military and law enforcement.
    • Development of a Muslim political base.
    • Create Islamic financial networks to fund political efforts and acquire properties.
    • Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.
    • Make greater demands to adopt Islamic conduct and dress.
    • Amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.
    • Overt rejection of society's legal system, culture and the establishment of Islamic courts.


    There are reports in the news about Muslim terrorist cells being discovered and Muslims being arrested, but no one really knows how many are secretly biding their time to strike. Muslim recruiters have descended on our prisons and our poor black communities. Our schools teach a politically correct Islamic history, while Muslims continue to use the intimidation tactic of issuing death decrees. David Letterman, a liberal late night comic, was just threatened with death for merely telling a joke! The infiltration of our institutions now goes all the way to the White House.


    As we look to Europe where Muslims are further along in the process, what do we find? Theo van Gogh is murdered in the Netherlands for 'insulting' Islam; France is set afire regularly by Muslim youth; Muslim women who are considered to be "too Westernized" become victims of "Honor killings;" Rival Islamic courts are established; Muslim enclaves spring up around mosques where the police can't go; Overt expressions of hatred toward Christians and all non-Muslims is increasing.


    Islam sees the world one way; either a nation is Islamic and within "the house of peace" or it is in "the house of war." Islam has declared WAR on America, but our leaders stubbornly refuse to face the truth. Its up to patriotic Christians like us to tell the truth. With your prayers and God's help will stop Islam in America.


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    STAGE 3: OPEN CULTURAL WAR (5 to 20% of the population)


    Open violence escalates to impose Islamic religion and law.

    • Acts of barbarity to terrorize citizens and foster submission.
    • Open and covert efforts to cause economic collapse of the society.
    • All opposition is challenged and either eradicated or silenced.
    • Mass executions of non-Muslims, assassinations, bombings ethnic cleansing
    • Rejection and defiance of societies non-Islamic laws or culture.
    • Murder of "moderate" Muslims who don't support Islamization.
    • Destruction of churches, synagogues and other non-Muslim institutions.
    • Oppression of women.


    Thankfully, we are not at this stage yet, but the population of Muslims in America is projected to double in the next twenty years. It's wishful thinking to imagine that the four stages of Muslim aggression won't happen here in America. I'm sure people were saying that in Europe thirty years ago.


    Unless Europe acts to defend itself from Islam right now, Europe will become "Eurabia" within fifty years. We can't repeat their mistake. We have the opportunity and responsibility to do something NOW while we can before the Muslims get even more aggressive. Otherwise, they will reach the next stage and our children and grandchildren will be left to confront this merciless enemy.


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    STAGE 4: TOTALITARIAN ISLAMIC "THEOCRACY" (20% of the population)


    Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology.

    • Islamic law becomes the law of the land.
    • All non-Muslims lose their God-given rights.
    • Enslavement and genocide of non-Muslim populations.
    • Freedom of speech and the press eradicated.
    • All religions other than Islam are forbidden and destroyed.


    All of this is very difficult to allow our selves to consider, but as the old saying goes, if you refuse to learn from history you will be condemned to repeat it.


    We can stop it, but we can't wait for our politicians to lead the way. Its up to the people like you who love America and recognize the threat to act. Too bad the good people of Germany didn't act when the Nazi's were a small insignificant movement. But, they waited too long and the rest is one of histories most violent and tragic chapters. How many Germans lamented, "if only we had acted sooner?"


    Historians estimate that Islam has murdered over 270 million people. It makes the Nazis and Communists look like amateurs by comparison. It is merely wishful thinking to believe that Islam has "changed its spots." It is still as vicious an ideology today as it ever was, perhaps even more so. So, please help us educate the next generation before its too late.


    God Bless You!



    Dr. Gary L. Cass



    PS The cost for one high school event is $1,200. That includes promotion, press releases, travel, printing, logistics, overhead, etc. Pray about becoming either a Lead Sponsor by making a one-time donation of $1,200 or become a $100 monthly supporter, or, be a Co-Sponsor with a gift $25, $50, or $100.


    Every gift is truly needed and deeply appreciated! God Bless you!


    Click here to donate to our 9/11 Defend Our Students Campaign and receive your copy of our powerful new resource, The Perfect Man? Muhammed the Founder of Islam. Click here to learn more about the book.


    * Adapted from http://civilusdefendus.wordpress.com/2010/01/10/4-stages-of-islamic-conq...









    In a new Pew poll, he majority of Muslims in the US do not support or feel that there is much support in the American Muslim community for radical Islam. On the other hand, 76% of American Muslim support Barack Obama so the news will still be disturbing to the CADL.

    Many Muslims do feel targeted as terrorists according to the poll.


    Christians vs Islam. Both believing in ancient barbaric bronze age texts. One seems a little more barbaric though. I think Sam Harris has a good take on it:



    I don't see a lot of evidence that a secular world would not be fighting over territory, riches or ethnic/tribal differences. Nationalism and corporations would replace religious reasons for doing what was in the person's heart from the beginning. The Mormon has given personhood to corporations.

    Although I do think you'll find many cases on a small scale where one's religious interpretations are the cause of violence* I think when you look at conflicts on a grand scale religion is almost always an excuse for the violence (that is, when it comes into play at all) and not the cause. Even the Inquisition was probably more about power than faith.

    *One can also find cases where one's religious interpretations have helped stem violence.

    Yahwists, feh! one is as bad as the next...

    Two things. One, I think that Sam Harris is selectively deciding what is "true Islam" versus "true Christianity". He admits that burning witches or heretics is not inconsistent with the Catholic faith, but doesn't begin to suggest that Catholics that don't support this practice aren't "true Catholics" (since that would pretty much rule out all Catholics alive today). When it comes to Islam, he's not so generous. Two, I think it's extremely counter-productive to suggest that moderate Muslims are not truly following Islam if they don't support killing apostates.

    While I agree that Harris' interpretation of Islamic doctrine was uncharitable, I think you misunderstood his point. It was not that Islam is inherently more violent and dogmatic than Christianity; it was that the most common contemporary expressions of Islam are more violent and dogmatic. At one point, he observed that Islam has no counterpart to Reform Judaism. At another, he compared it to 14th century Catholicism.

    So in theory, Islam could develop a modern reform movement, and reform Muslims would be just as true Muslims as reform Jews are today, but it does not have one right now.

    You can dispute that characterization, but it rings true to me. Think about the global center of Judaism--Israel. Its Orthodox Jews are violent and dogmatic, but they are a small minority in population and political representation. Think about the global center of Catholicism--Italy. A pretty liberal place. Think about the global center of Islam--Saudi Arabia. Women can't drive, adultery is punishable by stoning, sorcery is punishable by beheading, etc.

    But maybe Saudi Arabia is just a case of geo-political bad luck. What about the rest of the Islamic world? Think about the most tolerant Muslim country. Indonesia? Turkey? They're certainly much more open than Saudi Arabia, but how do they compare to Israel and Italy? And sadly, they are also exceptions in the Muslim world.

    In short, I think that Harris is right that mainstream Islam today is more dogmatic and violent than mainstream Catholicism and Judaism. It doesn't have to be that way. In the 14th century, mainstream Islam was much more open then mainstream Catholicism, and maybe in the future, it will switch over again.

    And I should add, this all a generalization. There are lots of tolerant Muslims and lots of extremist Catholics and Jews.

    I definitely agree with your observations, but I think that the way that Harris frames it is that you're not "truly following the tenets of Islam" if you're a moderate Muslim. I think (a) that's uncharitable, and (b) arguably more importantly, it's counter-productive as it supports the extremist Muslim point-of-view that to be a "true Muslim" you have to be willing to kill and die for your faith. (He doesn't actually use the "true Muslim" term, but he does set it up with his "true Islam" framing.) In short, he's not helping.

    If you want to argue he's just presenting the truth, at what point (if any) is one's obligation to inform everyone of "the truth" outweighed by negative consequences of doing so? (I'm not suggesting that one lie about it, just that one not preach "the truth" if it causes more harm than good.) I feel that Harris' presentation of "the truth" is more likely to convert moderate Muslims to extremism than vice-versa.

    I don't think that Harris' objective is to convert extreme Muslims into moderates, and I can't imagine that he would have any success in doing so, no matter what he said. Nor do I imagine that he's capable of pushing Muslims into the extremist camp.

    To the contrary, Harris' objective is to break the taboo of criticizing religion, and I think that he would fundamentally disagree with you that it's helpful to give religious people a pass out of fear of the reactions your condemnations might produce.

    Regarding the interview, Harris was inconsistent about blaming the historical canon versus the evolving doctrine, which is why we interpreted him differently. He blames both. However, I think that his primary intent was to contrast the contemporary doctrinal differences between mainstream Islam and other religions--which is why he compared contemporary Islamic doctrine to 14th century Catholic doctrine rather than contrasting the Qu'ran with the Bible as Christian wingnuts are wont to do.

    I'm not sure that we're interpreting him differently at all. I agree with you that he made a valid point about how modern Islam has some similarities to Catholicism during the Inquisition/Crusades. I just feel that one portion of his interview (which wasn't his primary point) where he all but said that moderate Muslims weren't practicing Islam properly didn't help. I agree that it's unlikely to push many moderate Muslims into the extremist camp, but I feel that it's more likely to do that than to accomplish anything positive. Here's something else I'd like to see him (and/or possibly you) address: there are over a billion Muslims in the world. I think it's fair to estimate that the majority of them aren't being violent. (On the other hand, if even 1% of them are, that's 10 million violent Muslims. But although that's definitely a problem, 1% shouldn't be taken as representative.)

    Actually, I don't think that terrorism has much to do with Islam. Terrorism is just a tactic, and it's been employed by fringe activists ranging from anarchists to Tamil separatists. The whole martyrdom thing has been a useful instrument for Muslim terrorist recruiters, but that's the only unique element of Islamic terrorism.

    What's much more widespread among Muslims internationally is violent intolerance for apostasy, adultery, homosexuality, immodesty, feminism, alcohol consumption, and "sorcery," to name a few forbidden acts. We can go hyperbolic about the "American Taliban," but theocratic Christianity is just a fringe element in our country and elsewhere, and even that fringe doesn't approach the mainstream institutional brutality of places like Saudi Arabia.

    Could that intolerance have more to do with Islam being a third world religion, while many Christian countries are industrialized? I don't know enough about India to know whether the average Hindu is as intolerant of your list as as the average Muslim across the border.

    Yes and no. "Third world" is not just an economic status. It's cultural, political, institutional, and economic all mixed together. That is, religious conservatism is both a cause and effect of the other disorders.

    In the 1300s, Christians lived in the dark ages--religious theocracy, grinding poverty, political tyranny, and brutal intolerance. The advances of the Renaissance and Enlightenment improved the situation on all fronts, and the progress in various areas was mutually reinforcing.

    But as the Christian world advanced, the Muslim world--which had until then been more tolerant, more creative, more intellectual, and more wealthy--fell into stagnation and decline from which it has yet to recover.

    The problems have been exacerbated by European colonialism, of course, but they began before that, which is why Europe colonized the Middle East, rather than the Middle East colonizing Europe. The ejection of the Moors from Spain marked Europe's ascendance.

    PS Hindus also have problems with religious violence, intolerance, and conservatism--as evidenced by honor killings, slaughter of Muslims, and the caste system, though I think that it's no longer so institutionalized as it remains in many Muslim counties.

    I appreciate this perspective (and Donal's contribution). I just wish that Harris' perspective were as nuanced.

    Good discussion. Harris's statement that Jones is one of the only people who are incessantly honest about the liabilities of the ideas of jihad and martyrdom gives me some concern about him and his line of reasoning. For one thing our entire Homeland Security Dept, $75B a year, is incessantly honest about the threat, as is the bulk of our military. Are these efforts not understood and supported by the broad swath of the population? The fact that a view of the threat might not be articulated incessantly is not proof that the view has not been subsumed. 

    There is no polar opposite to Jones. Thus to use Jones as the prop is to move the counterpoint too close to him on the spectrum. I think Jones may in fact be irrelevant because he would keep doing what he is doing regardless of what anyone else does.

    IMO, the discussion, if it is needed, should take place in the middle of the spectrum, without reference to Jones, and with moderate leaders including religious leaders of all stripes. And the discussion should be on the topic broadly of the acquiescence to violence of people of all stripes, particularly those claiming credentials in religions which claim pacifist tenets. And frankly I can't say that this is not already being done. That it is not on CNN or Fox News is another matter.

    Harris's use of Jones makes me uneasy about his essential purpose.


    His essential purpose? Do you think that there will be a militant atheist / Christian fundamentalist alliance?

    Now that would scare the crap out of the Muslims.

    It might also be helpful to get a good view of the beliefs of Islam to get the mindset so you may compare. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has actually survived her Islamic upbringing to speak out against the atrocities of that experience:



    Thanks for the link to her address. I will listen/watch it.

    Without having yet done so I am reluctant to accept her as a fully reliable (of course who is fully reliable?) source on Islam.

    Or perhaps I should say of the practical implications of the tenets of Islam. The theology of most  religions seem to me to  contain to contain at least some beliefs which if fully implemented would produce a society in which I would not to live

    In my Jesuit High School with respect to the degree of freedom that  ought to be granted to other religions in a fully Catholic state we were taught that

        Error can not be granted equal rights with the Truth.

    I've heard it claimed that that position was softened at the Vatican Council that met under John the twenty second.. But on its face it would be one that would worry me if I were a Muslim... or in fact a member of any other religion.

     She is brave and intelligent. And also  shaped by the particular experiences she has had. If she had instead had been brought up as a Mormon or a Catholic she might today be in the same revolt against them that she is in against Islam. .

    Man, that is some crazy ass shit--I am put in mind of that book about vietnam "a great shining lie" , only here is it "a great shining nutcase..."

    Book? What you doin readin?

    An old Oxy Mora saying, "Religion is the antithesis of art".

    I do not read books...but I do listen to the book tour promotions on Fresh Air.

    Without Terry Gross, I am nothing...

    I'm willing to begin deluding myself.  Where do I sign up for The Liberal Anti-Defamation Society (LADS)? Our soon to be up and running website, 


    will soon be lashing out and fighting back against all the Republicans and Tea-Partiers that wish to destroy our cherished Liberal way of Life. 

    By the grace of God (and with 'your' financial support), we will keep the next generation of Americans from being brainwashed by the evil agenda of the Radical Right.

    Etc.. etc. ... Blah, blah, blah ... and so forth and so on.  

    This hate group literature could basically be a template for any do-it-yourself hate group ... simply hit global replace and insert your group's name and your chosen enemy's name and ... voila.   Heck, it's like MadLibs only more politically hateful!   Scary.

    LADS! Love it. Don't bogart the delusion, brother. Pass that shit around.

    A key facet of this organization and its views is found in this line:

    Jesus tells us, "You can't serve two masters." He's absolutely right. You can't be both a Muslim and an American. Muslims must either renounce Islam and embrace American values or take their oppressive, violent and perverted values back to the Middle East.

    While the newsletter does not point blank say it, the underlying message, the subtext, is the US is a Christian Nation and a Christian Country (State).  Or at least it should be.  "American values" are derived in their view from a foundation of Christian faith.  The further we drift as a country and as a people from this foundation, the greater our misery.

    Muslims, when preaching to their choir, are an easy target, in the end it is everyone and every group that does not follow the true path as they see it.  When it speaks of "using our precious First Amendment freedom" to battle Islam from recruiting our youth, it is speaking of a strategy to battle anyone who has in their eyes different values derived from un-Christian sources, and who follow a different master other than Jesus.

    This is merely the continuation of the cultural wars, only now they have the perfect target to get their base of supporters riled up.  Communist professors in the universities and atheist and socialist media reporters can only be made to be so scary.  They are perfect for their purposes because there is enough truth about the extremes of Islamic societies to make the case that Islam and the general values of America - liberty and freedom - are incompatible. 

    The kicker of course is that what they want to create or restore in this country is a society which is not about liberty and freedom - free to be a communist professor or socialist reporter if one so chooses - and to participate in the democratic marketplace of ideas.   Rather they want the US to be a true Christian Country, and the nation to be a nation of true Christians. 

    They way these "Christians" address the poor is more like Ayn Rand than Jesus. The ancient god Baal has merely been replaced by the dollar.

    I'm not aware that the rebels in Libya are using religion as a major issue, but because of an underlying racism in the country, Africans are being targeted as the new "other" to hate.

    People who hate will always find a way to justify their evil acts.

    The ancient god Baal

    Yahweh's cousin (mentor and model)...disinherited and shoved aside as Ishamael was by Isaac when the dust settled.

    Actually Baal has a statue on Wall Street.

    Is it only in my fevered recollection that the phrase "Precious first amendment freedoms" conjures up "precious bodily fluids?"

    A mere sprig amidst the wild landscape of this nuttiness, but I love the ostensible scientifical input of the slowly increasing stated population percentages accompanying each increasingly menacing stage of infiltration...

    I didn't notice before, but according to this STAGE 4: TOTALITARIAN ISLAMIC "THEOCRACY" can be achieve with followers of Islam making up only 20% of the population.  What does that say about true Americans when jihadists can kick the butt of the other religions and take over the government when they are out numbered 4 to 1.

    That struck me as well...I guess them mooslims is some hellagood fighters...

    Hookahs, a sudden influx of hookahs, enough for every man, woman, and child.

    An influx of hookers?  Well, I for one, welcome wait-what?  Oh,carry on then, my bad...

    By imagining that they are defending tolerant Christians from intolerant Muslims, for example, they cast themselves as innocent victims rather than predatory bigots.

    Fantastic imitation!

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