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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Fetus!

    Everything's better fetusy.

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    Barbara Bush, former First Lady and Marie Antoinette without the memorability, had a miscarriage one day. Now, believing it to be a Human being, she did the only natural thing - she put it in a jar to show her sons. Ok, and such revelations were far too tempting. Here's what I came up with on Twitter:

    • A fetus is like a pickle in that there's always a great story as to how it got stuck up there in the first place.
    • In a perfect Conservative world, Barbara Bush would have been hung for murdering that defenseless Baby and enjarring it.
    • I'm still working to understand the #FetusInJar thing. When she showed him the jar, did she say "He's running in 2020, after Jeb."?
    • I'm still working to understand the #FetusInJar thing. When she showed him the jar, did she say "Abracadabra, you're an alcoholic!"
    • I'm still working to understand the #FetusInJar thing. When she showed him the jar, did she say "I know you can kill more"?



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    I wanna see the foetus on Cressbeckler.

    Wuz telling my mate this morning that I wished my mother-in-law were still alive, just so I could hear her try to spin Barbara's Miscarriage-in-a-Jar.  She was in love with the woman, and called her 'lovely.'  It ain't like that was her freakin' appendix in there!  (We always called her 'Martha' for these favorite characters...):

    Who the heck keeps a fetus in a jar and displays it to the family? What if Barbara kept a dead pickled girl in a jar who died after a rape and a back alley abortion? Would GW then have been pro-choice?  God works in mysterious ways, at least the nation and the world were spared another Bush. Three boys was enough.  Neil, Jeb and George.  Neil who helped take down Silverado Savings and Loan,

    Jeb who got special $favors to the tune of (a mere) 75K after he used his connections to his Dad's and Ronnie's administration  to get a special exemption from Secretary Margaret Heckler at Dept. HHS for Manuel Recarey's Florida HMO to go over the statutory limit on Medicare billing as a percentage of an HMO's business, and then the HMO proceeded to defraud Medicare of up to $100 million, Recarey fleeing the country after an indictment for fraud.

    Neil, not content with scamming the taxpayers in his '80's Colorado bank fiasco, and with his special connection being the brother of GWB,  was able to reap titillating benefits from Chinese firms in GWB's first term.  Neil had Asian women knocking on his hotel door in Hong Kong wanting to have sex with him on business trips, details revealed in a divorce suit against Neil, described as 'sex romps' on CNN in 2003.

    And for those with a memory longer than a 30 sec. corporate funded attack ad, who can ever forget what George W.Bush did to 'keep us safe'? A summary on the Bush boys (minus the fetus) can be found at Motherjones Magazine, 'Bush Family Values'. 

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